The Flower Fairy

I discovered Powertex when I lived in Belgium. Powertex is a fabric hardener and you can make wonders with it. I like Powertex very much and I have plenty ideas for the future involving Powertex. For now, I will show you a Powertex statuette named The Flower Fairy. I am fascinated by fairies and dragons and mermaids. And I think I am not the only one. This attraction for fairy tales and mysterious creatures is in fact our soul crying out for amazement, for mystery, for something more than ordinary life.

Why the Flower Fairy? Because I would like to think there is a flower fairy taking care of the beautiful nature that we sometimes disregard.
This statuette is made with fabric petals, fabric stripes soaked in Powertex and when dried up, I hand painted it from top to bottom. The base is represented by a glass jar with cover and all in all the statuette has a height of about 25 cm. At touch in the present it is solid as a rock and this is the effect of the Powertex liquid (to harden textiles and make them weather resistant and suitable even for use outdoors).


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