Getting ready for the Carnival!


Getting ready for the Carnival by Mihaela GeorgescuWell, it’s that time of the year. Time for the Venice carnival or for local carnivals in France. Last year I went to a carnival in Northern France (Longwy), close to the border with Luxembourg called the Longwy-Venitian carnival. And they have a tradition of wearing Venetian style marks and costumes and the setting is an ancient fortress. And, I loved it. And, of course, I wanted to create my own mask (I will need a costume to go with it, but I also bought a sewing machine and there are plenty of tutorials to learn how to use it. Yes, I am really ambitious).

Why I love masquerade balls? I think a Masquerade Ball represents our need to pretend for one day to be someone else. To be the best version of ourselves.  A mask is always beautiful, sensual, appealing. A mask is the entry in a fantasy world. And also Romeo meeting Juliette at a masquerade ball.

As I am a Gemini, I could not help about making a mask that is wearing a mask. So my mask is wearing a tulle mask embellished with beads (of course)!


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