My Totem Necklace

Totem Necklace

This is my entry to the monthly Challenge of ArtBeadScene. I got so carried away with the idea that I did the necklace for this contest and a Powertex Statue (I think I have left too much time the Powertex boxes to just sit on a shelf, it was time to work with it again.) In the end the necklace and the statue did not go together very well (as I hoped they would), yet I will show them both to you.

This  was the inspiration for this month: DownloadedFile1

Haida Totems, 1912
By Emily Carr
I have made the beads from Polymer clay (see tutorials in images below).
Totem beads

I must say that I have learned so many things because there are so many artists that share their knowledge on the Internet (on Youtube or on their blogs) and so I think it’s a good thing to give back to the world, which is what I wanted to do when I made these tutorials. It is going to be a longer post, I hope you’ll find it interesting though. See below tutorials for the beads I have made for this necklace.

Totem beads

I have used: Polymer Clay, Lisa Pavelka texture plates, stamps, pastel, liquid Fimo, alcohol inks, cutting tools and Oyumaru (a modelling compound with you can use and re-use). And a flee market Egyptian statue to make the face mold. Starting from a round bead of polymer clay, I rolled it into a longer barrel bead, which I put on a long wooden pick. Then I coated the barrel bead with segments  of clay with different textures and with the face (made using the Oyumary mold). In the end I painted the bead with a mixture of pastels and Liquid Fimo and lastly with alcohol ink.) I have put it in the oven according to the specifications from the polymer clay package.

Tutorial spike

These are the steps I followed for my spike beads: I prepared the polymer clay, I rolled it through the pasta machine, then I used a square cutter to cut a square. I divided the square in two parts, then I rolled each part into an oval bead. I continued to roll it with my hands turning it into a spike. I have used a leaf vein to make a pattern on each spike bead. I have put them in the oven according to the specifications from the polymer clay package. The final step was to paint them with black acrylic paint and to remove excess paint. That’s all.

As I said, I worked also with Powertex. This is the tribal inspired statue I have made. using a Styrofoam bust, 2 old scarves, Powertex and Pearl Ex Mica Powders.


Before and after images:


versatile_blogger (1)

I want to thank Aquileana for nominating me for the Versatile award. I love Aquileana’s blog, I love her passion for Greek mythology (I love Greek mythology as well as I believe that we must have an image of the past in order to build for the future). Furthermore she is always very kind, taking the time to comment on other persons’ blogs thus encouraging everybody to carry on with their blogging. Thank you, Aquileana, you are wonderful! Please go and check her blog – you will love both the information and the beautiful images!

So, in order to accept the nomination I have to say 7 things about myself and recommend 10 other bloggers that I particularly like.

Starting with the 7 things about me:

  1. I have been working as a translator and conference interpreter for 10 years in Romania. I have never been employed one day in my life, I have been self-employed (free lancer) and I have run my own translation agency (I have always respected and paid better fees to the translators that worked with me).
  2. When I decided I wanted to start learning to make bead embroidered pieces of jewelry (for me and my friends), it was a total shock for everybody because I have never been interested in handmade, never showed any skills for handmade and moreover I have only sewn once a button for my baby when he was 5 month old. I was the kind of person that would rather buy a new pair of socks instead of sewing the holes in the old ones (or I would kindly ask my husband to do it !!!). So now you understand the shock.
  3. I have learned French in 4 years (during high school) studying every hour of the day and during week-ends (listening to music, reading any book I could find, watching movies and television). When I started out I only knew Oui, Non and 5-6 more words in French and after 4 years they would not believe me that I did not have any French parent or relative (because I would know the answer to almost any question). French language was my first passion. Creating jewelry is the second.
  4. Sadly I could never master the basic skills of cooking. So I won’t invite you to a dinner cooked by me!
  5. I don’t have a driving license. I tried to learn several times, but lacked the motivation every time. I like walking and I manage to get things done without a car (we live near to the city center).
  6. I listen to meditations every day (sometimes I get afraid and I lose sight of my goals so by doing this I focus better).
  7. As I seem to function well when I take up a challenge, I decided to challenge myself and to publish a tutorial per day, starting with the 1st of April, for the entire month. Will I be able to do this ? I hope so…

The bloggers I admire and read with great pleasure. I nominate each of them for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. He is a very creative writer and it’s always a pleasure to read his blog posts.
  2.  I love the amazing color combinations from her paintings (check out Confluence and Therm)
  3. The Love dedicated poem is truly beautiful (Love for me is)
  4. I love jewelry pieces and her work is beautiful and full of color (you should see her January project, what a lovely way to start the year)
  5. Beautiful poems
  6. Wonderful images….
  7. Wonderful sketch works
  8. Travelling through beautiful images from all over Europe
  9. Wonderful handmade beads
  10. Someone passionate about nature, animals, insects…. I love passionate people !

I will end this post with a beautiful quote for Anais Nin (I say this to myself all the time):

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

My Totem Necklace



      1. Thank you so much. It is not important l care for an award or not, but it is that you cared for me to nominate me. I think that is the greatest award we can have. Friends 🙂

      2. You are right. That was the reason I was happy to accept it. Because someone thought of me and because I could send a message to other persons that I enjoy reading. I really like travelling with you and seeing the world through your eyes:) Thank you for your friendship:)

  1. Beautiful post …
    And as to the award… it is great to know more about you!
    Also, thanks for linking back to my blog! ⭐ Happy day!. All my best wishes! Aquileana 😀

    1. Aquileana, I must say it was challenging to say 7 things about me. I prefer talking about my work or what I like and less about myself. But if we want to know each other better, we have to talk about ourselves also. Therefore I thank you for giving me this opportunity!

  2. Absolutely inspiring! I love the color palette and the dramatic shapes. As a fashion sketch artist I can already picture a stunning gown that could accompany this. Best of luck on your endeavors and keep creating!

    -Tenacious Urbie

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara! I loved the way you up-cycled the bicycle chain. What a wonderful idea! And I must say that my heart started to beat very fast when I saw so many beads, embellishments, and components! Not to mention the “Treasure Box Bead Collection”!

    1. Bonjour. Je vous remercie pour votre visite et pour vos gentils mots. Comme vous, j’ai découvert un jour (non pas la poésie) la possibilité de créer (dans mon cas de faire des bijoux) et je me suis sentie revivre. J’aime bien la poésie et j’aime beaucoup vos poésies et surtout Par amour. Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse journée et je suis ravie de vous connaître ! Mihaela

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