Polymer clay tutorial

One tutorial a day for 31 days – Day 1 of My Journey – MY GOTHIC NECKLACE – How I did the focal

Once upon a time

« Once Upon a Time » by Mihaela Georgescu

It’s the first of April and it’s not an April’s fool. Even though now it has started, my journey looks quite challenging. Will I be able to post a tutorial a day? I surely hope so. Yet, I must tell you that I am very nervous. But then again, if your goal isn’t big enough, it will not be a real challenge. So let’s get going.

For this first tutorial, I’m playing safe. I will retrace in images the way in which I have made the focal for my Gothic necklace. I will use this focal to make a gothic inspired diary.

Tutorial Day 1

You can see all the tools and materials used in the picture below:


First I have conditioned the clay and then rolled it through the pasta machine (through a medium thickness). Then I have cut out a pattern to use for my frame (http://bloodmilk.tumblr.com/post/421414706/antique-bookcover). IMG_0787
IMG_0795IMG_0797IMG_0802IMG_0806IMG_0808IMG_0814IMG_0821IMG_0824IMG_0826IMG_0828IMG_0836 (1)

I have placed the pattern on the polymer clay sheet and then I cut out the shape using a cutter. I have smoothed the edges a little bit. Then I started using the extruder to make extruded ropes. I rolled together two ropes to make a nice frame both for the glass cabochon (painted with Pebeo Fantasy Prisme) and for the margins of the focal. I applied here and there liquid Fimo and started I started playing with polymer clay ropes to make an interesting design. I tried to capture the cabochon by making a design on the side of the glass cabochon. To give it more texture, I added some polymer clay balls modeled with a ball end tool.

I have baked it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Once cooled, I applied silver mica powders, Fimo silver powder.

I used it on a decoupage agenda (I applied tissue paper using Modpodge on an agenda, then painted everything with black acrylics, then coated it with silver metallic acrylics and contour the margins with black acrylics, and that’s it).


That’s all for today. I hope you like it and I hope you’ll check on tomorrows’ tutorial!



  1. Wow. That’s lovely. Thanks forcsending me the link. I will slowly readthrough all these April prompts now.

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