ONE TUTORIAL A DAY FOR 31 DAYS – DAY 5 OF MY JOURNEY – fuchsia flower earrings

Free Polymer Clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

Today it’s the Flowers’ Day in Romania. It is a celebration of the coming of the spring. Every person bearing the name of a flower (like Petunia, Iris, etc.) celebrates his/her anniversary today.

This explains my fuchsia inspired earrings. I am celebrating the Flowers’ Day with this flower bead tutorial.


Materials and tools used: pink polymer clay, blue polymer clay, alcohol inks, cutters, flower vein petal, findings and earring findings.


I have prepared the polymer clay (pink color) and rolled it through the pasta machine. I used the round cutter to cut two round shapes and the flower cutters to cut two flowers.


I arranged a little bit the flower shapes using the blade cutter.



I have used the vein petal to imprint the veins on the petals.


I have rolled the round cut shapes into oval beads, then into elongated beads.


I have made a hole in the middle of the flower. Then I have inserted the flower on the same wooden stick and pressed over the base. I have taken each petals between the thumb and the index and press the petal into a elongated pointy leaf. Then I have curled the petals.



I have cut two oval shapes and then again I have cut them in half. I have used the
 pieces to make a rolled flower shape.



Finally it went well with only three pieces, not four.


Then I assembled the bottom and the upper parts of the flower, pressing well to stick the blue petals to the base (it’s not a bad idea to glue it with Liquid Fimo).


Then I have colored them with alcohol inks.



Then I have assembled all the findings together.

I have painted the margins with golden alcohol ink.

This is the final result:


Have a wonderful Flowers’ Day!



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