Rose Garden

I have made this jewelry set for my sister-in-law. She likes my flower inspired polymer clay pieces so when she asked me to make something especially for her, I only had to put her one question: what was her favorite flower. She hesitated a little, and then she replied: red roses.

So I tried to make a jewelry set with this theme. I have made an asymmetric necklace (she said she would prefer it that way), earrings, a ring and a brooch. She was very happy with the result and I was happy to see her pleased.

For this project I have used: white Fimo Professional Polymer Clay, the pasta machine, a round cutter, red Pinata alcohol ink.

IMG_1207I have cut out 6 circles.




I have rolled the circle between my fingers to make the center of the rose.


I have shaped the petals a little bit (with my fingers).


I started adding petals (overlapping them).



Then I have baked them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once completely cooled I have painted them with red Pinata alcohol ink.

I used the roses to make an asymmetric necklace, earrings, a brooch and a ring.

Enjoy and thank you for accompanying me in my journey!



      1. Eu locuiesc intr-un orasel in Texas. Este si aici una ortodoxa dar anul asta am sarbatorit pe rit catolic pentru ca majoritatea sarbatoresc asa aici. Anul trecut am fost si am introdus sotul in traditiile noastre. ;))

      2. Orasele mari , da. Orasele mici…asa si asa. Nu sunt trotuare, majotitatea restaurantelor se inchid la ora 10 in cursul saptamanii…distantele sunt lungi…daca nu ai masina ai pus-o ca aici unde stau eu e un singur autobuz care nici macar nu ajunge in zona mea. ;))

      3. Noi am ramas (cel putin deocamdata) in Europa pentru ca eu nu am carnet si nici nu imi doresc sa conduc (am renuntat la scoala de soferi de doua ori pentru ca nu m-am simtit destul de motivata). Insa cand este vorba de culori, pigmenti, sabloane si alte materiale pentru creatii artistice, am vazut pe Internet ca in America gasesti mult mai multe produse:) Sper sa ajungem si noi in vizita peste ocean anul viitor (avem rude si prieteni in diferite zone).

  1. Jewelry is not normally something I think about a great deal, but I like what you do. Very creative and pretty.

    Am I to understand by your tour of my island that you like flowers? If so, feel free to visit as often as you like–but do mind the little dog: she’s been known to bark at strangers.

    1. Thank you for your warm welcome to your island. I do love flowers very much (they are a great inspiration for my jewelry pieces). I will surely be coming back very often, you have a very interesting blog!

    1. Thank you dear Irene! Yes, she was very happy! I have a tendency to make statement jewelry and she reminded me all the time to make something smaller and delicate for her. She was pleased with the result. And I was happy to see her happy!

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