ONE TUTORIAL A DAY FOR 31 DAYS – DAY 11 OF MY JOURNEY – if you love shawls, you must also love shawl pins


Happy Easter to all the Orthodox people that are celebrating Easter this night. I have just come back from the Orthodox Church from Luxembourg. It was a very impressive moment. For me and for my 5-year old son.

Luckily I have made the shawl pin early in the morning, but I did not have the time to write my post.

Materials and tools used: black Fimo Professional polymer clay, pasta machine, a cutter (the one I’m usually using to cut petals),  Fimo golden powder, green and yellow Piñata alcohol inks, a wooden stick (for the pin).

I have prepared the polymer clay and rolled it through the pasta machine through a medium thickness. I have cut the desired shape (using the flexible blade).


I have imprinted a texture on the front and on the back using a Lisa Pavelka’s texture plate.

IMG_1223 IMG_1224

I have applied Fimo golden powder.


Then I started applying  green and yellow Piñata alcohol inks. I just love alcohol inks. The colors are simply wonderful (especially for Piñata).



I have painted the interior of the shawl pin as well as the exterior margin.

I have applied Fimo golden powder on the back too.

I have put the shawl pin on a roller in order to obtain a curved shape.


For the pin, I have used a wooden stick, I have coated it with polymer clay.


I have rolled a little the polymer clay between my fingers to get a circular pattern on the stick.


I have embellished it a little bit and that was it.

Happy Easter!



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