ONE TUTORIAL A DAY FOR 31 DAYS – DAY 13 OF MY JOURNEY – The 13th project – a pendant



I might say that I am not superstitious and that number 13 means nothing to me. I could say that. Yet let me tell you that I created and re-created today’s project several times and the best version (after comparing several versions) remained the first one (even with the slightly off center polymer clay bail). So it’s challenging to be working for hours in a row and to discover in the end that the best thing you did was the first one (so the hours spend to try other ideas were not at all productive).

Materials and tools used: white Fimo Professional Polymer Clay, Fimo golden powder, acrylic powders, a stencil, a flexible blade, a texture plate (for the pattern imprinted on the back of the pendant) , a brush, Triple gloss varnish.

FullSizeRender (5)

I have prepared the polymer clay and rolled it through the pasta machine (through a thicker position).




I have applied a mixture of Fimo golden powder and water (using a brush).


I have put the stencil over the polymer clay sheet and applied several colors of acrylic powder (green, pink red, black).



I have started cutting all around using the flexible blade.




I had the intention to use Premo Accents gold for the back, but finally I was happy with the thickness, so I only had to imprint the pattern from the texture plate on the back of the pattern and color it with Premo golden powder.

For the bail, I have cut a round shape. I have folded it in two.



I have colored it with Fimo golden powder. Then I have attached it to the necklace (pressing it very well).

I have baked the pendant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The last thing I did was to apply two layers of varnish.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!




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