Inspired by Art Nouveau (2)

I think the most interesting part of creating (jewelry or anything else) is finding inspiration. Once you start looking for inspiration, you will see that inspiration is everywhere. You can find it in a flower, in a painting, in the shape of a piece of jewelry that you like, a door knob, and the list goes on.

For this piece of jewelry (a pendant in fact) I found my inspiration in Art Nouveau jewelry pieces. I think that it goes without saying that I love Art Nouveau jewelry. So a good idea in your quest for inspiration is to find things that you like and I am sure that their colors, shape, design could inspire you in your work.

Materials and tools used: white Fimo Professional polymer clay, a pasta machine, a butterfly cutter, Oyumaru (to make the mold), a petal cutter, a toothpick, a carving tool, Pebeo Prisme colors.


Using Oyumaru (Oyumaru is a reusable putty, which is softened by heat) and a little statue (from a flee-market clock), I have made a woman head mold.

IMG_1557I have made petals using the petal cutter.


I have shape a log (for the body) and put the petals in the lower part (like a skirt).


I have put the head on top and then I have textured veins on the petals (using a toothpick).



I have cut a butterfly with the cutter.


I have carved it a little bit.



Then I cut it in half.


I have put the wings in the back (pressing gently).


I have textured a little bit the body using the toothpick. I have made holes (two on the wings and one in the bottom – to attach a crystal)


Then I have started painting it with Pebeo Prisme. I think that in the future I will apply Gesso before and then Pebeo colors (they might erode the polymer clay).




I think that  Pebeo Prisme colors give a faux enamel look to the pendant (not sure if I should apply triple thick varnish or not for a glossier look).

I have attached a tear-shaped crystal to the bottom.


Thank you for encouraging me and for your wonderful comments!

Inspired by Art Nouveau (3)



  1. This is lovely! The way you bled the colors together really evokes a deco feel.

    The finished item looks like ceramic. Did you need to heat it? Does the faux enamel finish feel like ceramic? Could you add a clasp or pin while it is still unfinished or must you glue it on after it hardens?

    1. I have used Pebeo Prisme colors for the faux enamel look. They are air drying colors (in 6 hours they are dry at the surface, in 72 hours they are dry in the core). It does feel a little bit like ceramics (smooth and a little bit glossy). I could have added a bail or a pin before baking the polymer clay (embedding it into polymer clay and adding also some Liquid Fimo). If not it is possible to attach a bail or a pin after baking using E6000 jewelry glue. Thank you for your interest!

      1. The cat is made with a stone called “stéatite” in French. It is a stone not too hard. And it is very Nice to work with it. I love sculpting Steatite . When it is polished it is very soft . the powder that comes from this stone is the talc. I also do modeling in clay , but apart Buddha I have not published my other creations. Many thanks for your visit on my blog. Have a Nice afternoon. All the best to you. Lise.

      2. Thank you for explaining me about the “stéatite”. This material is new to me and I found it very interesting. I did not know about the talc powder either. I love the Buddha very much! Thank you for coming and visiting my blog! Best wishes! Mihaela

      3. The stéatite is a very beautiful stone. Each stone is different in color or veins. It is superb! And it’s a surprise every time. And it is easy to work, I love.

  2. Hi Mihaela, your works are delicate and original, and you are very generous to share the whole process for them. I’m also grateful for your visit on my blog. Hugs and kisses.

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