Inspired by One Stroke Technique



That is an idea that I had for some time in my head, but never tried it. Yesterday I was thinking about what project to do next and I remembered that I wanted to try this. So I said to myself, why not try it right now.

The “One Stroke Technique” is a double loading technique that consists of loading a brush with two separate colors.

This is an example of the one stroke technique (in painting).

And now my interpretation in polymer clay of the one stroke technique:

Materials and tools used: white Fimo Professional polymer clay, dark pink polymer clay, light pink polymer clay, blue polymer clay, alcohol inks, a pasta machine, a toothpick, a round cutter, a texture sheet, a flower cutter, varnish.

I have conditioned the polymer clay.


I have cut the shapes (finally I decided not to use the petal shape – I always change my mind several times while making a project).


I have textured the back using the texture plate.


I have texture the front a little bit with a brush.



I have started working with the pink polymer clay. I have conditioned both colors and then put them through the pasta machine (first the lighter one, then the darker). I have put them next to each other, overlapping slightly in the middle. I pressed gently on the middle line and then I put them in the pasta machine.

I have rolled them through the pasta machine several times.


Then I have folded the sheet from one side to the other (three folds I think for this length).

I have folded it in two and rolled it into a log again.





I kept on rolling it until it was very very thin.


Then I imprinted a flower shape and started to contour the flower with the bi-color log.


Using a toothpick I have textured the line.


Then I thought there was not enough contrast between the colors and repeated the technique in order to make a log with contrasting colors.





Then I have folded in two.



And rolled it into a log again.


I started to cut slices and put them on the petals.


Then I would press them down with the toothpick in a continuous move from the base of the petal to the top of the petal (sometimes going over the line made with the pink clay).



In case I would have white gaps, I would add some more pink clay and run the toothpick over it to make the same pattern.


I would decorate the middle of the flower adding some polymer clay (in a contrasting colors) and texturing it making little holes with the pointed part of the toothpick.


For the next flowers, I considered that I could make the flower without contouring the petals first and the result was fine.


For one bead I added an extra layer of smaller petals.



I have decorated one bead with oval beads pressed in the middle.


The beads looked like this before putting them into the oven.


Then I decided to add some alcohol inks. I have painted around the flower (and the outside margins) with blue alcohol ink.


I have added a little bit of red alcohol ink (on the petals).

Then I considered that the blue petals and the blue background were not a good combination and added some yellow Pinata alcohol ink and turned it into green.


That’s all for today. Thank you for being there for me! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela


DSC_0400 (2)



  1. Mihaela, Wow, such a beautiful necklace. Thanks for showing your creative process. It really shows the detailed work that you put into your creations. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me. It looks like we both share the love of creating art and jewelry. I look forward to checking out more of your posts.

  2. Mihaela, thanks for following my art blog. I love your work, so beautiful. Do you sell on ETSY btw? May I ask, do you need to bake the clay in the oven or fire it in a kiln? I’m not familiar with polymer clay but it would be fun to do w daughter this summer. BTW, I have been to Romania, where part of my family (Jewish) lived once, in Bottosani but I only visited Bucharest but I loved it.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your art history approach. I just love to sit and look at paintings. I am fascinated by the colors, the creativity, the ideas. I am very happy that you like my work. For the moment I do not sell on Etsy (I am still deciding on my path, at the beginning I wanted to sell art jewelry, now I am more interested in selling jewelry tutorials because this allows me to stimulate all the time my creativity and concentrate on ideas and less on the final product as a tangible item). I bake them in the oven (complying with the manufacturer’s instructions from the package). I am sure you and your daughter will love polymer clay – it is easy to work with and you can use it to make jewelry, to embellish things (like glasses, candle holders, perfume bottles, pens, agendas, photo frames, etc.). Romania is a very beautiful country and, if you have the time, you should go also to see Transylvania or Moldova and you will find the Romanian spirit there (welcoming people, beautiful landscapes, interesting architecture and a countryside that kept its authenticity). Best wishes! Mihaela

  3. 🙂 Oh yes, I definitely want to visit both. Take care, Mihaela! I am in NY too, BTW. I left publishing so now I am writing and focusing on art.

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