Inspired by Butterflies


I’m getting near the end of this 31 day (better said 31 tutorials) journey. I was really terrible as to time management so I have to find a way to think better my schedule, my days and to procrastinate less. I have to sit and write down my priorities, the things I want to achieve and to plan everything better. I must carry this quotation from Victor Hugo in my head:

“He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.”

I am planning a special post for my 31st tutorial and I hope to manage to make a special necklace for the occasion (I am still working on it).

And now, let me tell you more about today’s project: I had some left scrap clay (the petal logs from the previous projects) and I wanted to use them – I liked the color combinations a lot. Then I also liked the variation of the Natasha technique (putting logs together, twisting everything a little bit and cutting open to see the result – never knowing what to expect which is excellent because you have to learn to trust the outcome sometimes).

Materials and tools used: scrap clay (petal logs made with yellow, orange, green, black polymer clay and the center log for the previous cane – made with red and black polymer clay), blue polymer clay, yellow and orange polymer clay, violet polymer clay, red polymer clay, a pasta machine, a roller, a blade, a toothpick, varnish. The purpose of this project is to show you a way in which you can use previous canes or logs prepared for other canes.


I took the logs left from the previous project and I also rolled two more logs (the blue and the violet) to add more color to the final result.


I put them together and pressed them well.


I wrapped the resulting log in a sheet of scrap clay left from the previous project (yellow and orange).


Then I twisted the log 5 times.


And compressed it.


I flattened it into a rectangular block (using the roller).

IMG_2383 (2)

I cut it in the middle and opened it.


I cut once more the sides in two.


I put the 4 pieces together and joined them.


I cut a thin slice and applied it on a sheet of black polymer clay. I cut another slice and put it next to the first one.


I pressed them down with the roller.

I am using a butterfly printed image to cut the butterfly shape.




I textured the wings using a toothpick.



I made holes for the earring findings. IMG_2415

I cut another slice and put in on a thicker sheet of black polymer clay.

IMG_2416 (2)


I cut the shape and then placed a screw eye pin.


I baked the pieces according to the manufacturer’s specification (in this case Fimo Professional and Soft Fimo) and after cooling down I varnished the earrings and the pendant with Triple Thick Varnish.

Thank you for reading my tutorials!

Have a marvelous day!





  1. It is very beautiful. I have not enough time to do all too. But when I see your jewelry I have a great desire to create. Congratulation for your work. It is
    Friendly Mihaela. Lise.

    1. Thank you, Irene! I tried to put together colors that I thought would go well together, but I must admit that the result was better than what I expected. Best wishes! Mihaela

  2. Oh Mihaela, your works are complementing with the nature itself. I admire you and confess I downloaded a picture where you’re posing with the Grateful pink necklace and wearing a white shirt so beautiful. I hope don’t matter this. Thanks for stopping by the sketches.

    1. It is always a moment of pure pleasure to look at your blog posts. And I find inspiration for future jewelry pieces- the shape of the necklace or the pattern on the dress – I must tell you that I am not very comfortable to pose for my jewelry, but some jewelry pieces are dull when shot on a jewelry display and they come to life when someone is wearing them. Thank you for your interest, I am grateful for that! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      1. Oh Mihaela, that’s the goal of my blog: be useful to people who would like to sketch or find inspiration. About what you tell, I guess it must be uneasy to pose. Through the history the experts like to play between work and its author. How sometimes they converge or sometimes diverge. In this picture you looks as a creator evocating stillness and sweetness, smiling between the pure white. Thanks for comment, have a nice day. ❤

      2. That picture was taken in Monaco and while making it I was thinking that I was a very lucky person to be there, enjoying the moment and the good weather, admiring the beautiful architecture, the sea (I love the sea). I thank you for your comment! I said it and I will say it again: you are doing a wonderful thing when you put so much effort in gathering themed sketches to inspire other people to sketch or to create! Have a beautiful day! Mihaela

      3. I praise your confidence. You’re so friendly and now I understand that all you felt on that moment was explained in your happy gaze. I’m convinced you merit this happy feelings. When I look to this picture, I imagine you like a Madonna. Thanks for all. See you when you want.

      4. Mihaela, what you said is the most right. While I’m keying the keyboard a portable pc, I listen some music pieces, to make a test in a renowned choir, more than the choral where I belong now. So I’m listening songs for tenors amateurs by Schubert, Faure, Handel, etc. I’m sorry for my poor expression in english. Thanks for reminding the kindly moments. xo

      5. It is a pleasure to read your comments! Good luck with the new choir! Enjoy the wonderful music and make the most of your free day! (You are very lucky to be able to draw and to sing as well). Best wishes! Mihaela

      6. It is true that this is all I have: my passion (it all comes from my heart – my desire to create, to learn, to admire beauty in everything). I am lucky to know you too and to be encouraged by you all the time! Thank you!

      7. I never thought It could happen this feeling through the network. It helps me to know you exist somewhere. Thanks a lot dear little Madonna of the pink necklace! and take care of yourself on a sweet summer afternoon like this. We are in touch.

      8. Thank you for caring and being there for me. I must say that I am very lucky: I found so many great people in the blogosphere and we keep on encouraging each other, sharing dreams, ideas, our fears. It is wonderful…. Take care of yourself and thank you! Wishing you the best, Mihaela

      9. Hi Mihaela, I’m sorry I have been away from home and offline, to answer with delay. I’m so grateful for your comments once again. What you say its so true. On the web you also can find selfless people, that they are working with nonprofits sites, like you. Thanks so much. Greetings.

      10. Hello. This time it was me that needed some time to reflect on things. I am preparing my 31st tutorial (and I wanted to make a special post, but the more I try, the more dissatisfied I am with my ideas….). Yet I hope to be able to post this today… Thank you for writing to me! Thank you for everything! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      11. Hi Mihaela, I’m sorry for another delay. I will follow, I will hoping the publication of your next tutorial, no matter when. In my opinion if you press yourself for a date, I think this could be a bad influence. However if you’re being demanding with yourself, I think it will be positive for the quality of your works. The art like yours is precious because is so distant from sciences. Then delete any idea of time. Your tutorials will impose their own time. See you soon. Take care!

      12. I cannot find the words to thank you for telling me that I should not be so consumed by the idea of time. I really appreciate it. For me, it was very important to finish with the 31 tutorials (even though there were moments when this put a lot of pressure on me), because I am not a quitter. But I tried to do my best: to make an interesting necklace, to thank all the people that encouraged me, to respond to the awards that I have been given in the past month… I feel better now (especially after some days when I thought I could not make it to this day…). But I must admit that time is a great problem for me (I am terrible at managing my time) so I appreciated your words very much. Once again, thank you for everything! Take care! Mihaela

      13. I had not seen such a full post like the 31th. You have an enviable ability to work and enormous generosity. Surely his personal light is admired by everyone around him. I never reached that personal level and so while I admire and I feel distant. But I am delighted that our blogs encountered. Thanks again for your words. Best wishes and luck! ❤

      14. In fact this is why it felt so difficult to make the 31st tutorial…because I wanted it to be special and also to show my gratitude for everything. Sometimes I hesitated about this 31 tutorial journey (thinking that this is too stressful, I cannot be creative when I force myself), but now, I am feeling so happy! Very happy! I thank you for your wonderful words! Take care! Mihaela

    1. Dear Brandi, thank you for visiting my blog! I am very happy that you liked what you have seen! I also want to thank Mira from the AdMIRAbly Legal for the wonderful blog post! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      1. Mihaela, You are more than welcome! I enjoy connecting with other bloggers! Just starting one on my end–have been running an online children’s boutique for about 9 months now and we are ready to spread our wings! When you have some time, check out our site:! Much love, Brandi

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