Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Magnificent Mihaela

Thank you, Mira! Thank you for your wonderful words and for featuring me on your amazing blog!

Admirably Legal

I am so happy to kick off this last week in June by featuring another lovely blogger and participant in my global fashion inspiration project.   For those of you who may not be familiar with my initiative, a couple of months ago, I decided to feature fabulous bloggers in order to learn more about what inspires their fashion, etc.  I am currently compiling my submissions for an upcoming tribute post dedicated to all of the lovely fashionistas who participated.  Stay tuned!

Today is all about the stunning Mihaela Georgescu.  When I started blogging, a lot of people asked me what kind of people really blog.  The assumption is that blogging is for people who have nothing better to do.  I DISAGREE.  Mihaela is living proof of this.

While Mihaela is originally from Romania, she currently resides in France (lucky lady) and has served as a TRANSLATOR for ten years.  That…

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    1. It is true, Irene, that I am very grateful for having my work shared like that. I was very happy when Mira told me that she wrote a post about me and my jewelry. I am extremely happy for all the wonderful people that I have met here! Have an excellent day, dear Irene!

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