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I thought my son was on vacation, but seeing the frequency of my posts, it looks that I’m on vacation too. Still hoping that starting from September I’ll be more concentrated on working more, interacting more and as always, learning more. I even found a Free Blog Planner to help me stay organized.

Let’s talk about this tutorial! Well, some time ago someone asked me if I did miniature polymer clay things. And I said no. I do like them a lot, but they are not my cup of tea. I make statement jewelry, I make rather big things (when I make a flower you either put it on a dress or or on a box), so no, I don’t think so. And I was very convinced I sorted this out. But a month ago a very close friend of mine asked me to make the miniature figurines for her wedding cake. Not only she is very dear to me, but also she made the wedding invitations, the rings cushion, the table decoration for my wedding, so how could I say no? So I didn’t. I said I will do my best, but I feared the result….

The time was ticking and I had to get to work and this is the result. I hope she will like it, she will see it first when I will send her an e-mail with this blog post. 

Materials and tools used: 

White Fimo professional polymer clay, black Fimo professional polymer clay, red Fimo professional polymer clay, brown Fimo professional polymer clay, green and blue Fimo professional polymer clay, 2 wooden sticks, liquid Fimo, a flower cutter, aluminium foil, a pasta machine, a craft knife, ball pins, an Oyumaru mould, 

Believe it or not, but I am using the same mold for the two faces. And it is in fact a mold of this fairy:

IMG_3604 (2)

I conditioned the clay. As a remark, during all this project I will be using very thin logs of clay rolled with my fingers. 

For his face, I am using a mixture of white polymer clay and brown polymer clay (in proportion of 80% to 20% white to brown). I pressed a ball of clay into the mold and this is the result.

El 1

I cut out  the clay around the face and contoured a little bit more the face (using the back of the craft knife).

El 2

I made some holes in the eyes and in the chin (for a more manly look). I added round balls of polymer clay in the eyes and smaller balls of black polymer clay.


I added a little bit of white on top of the black balls of polymer clay (for the light that would reflect in the eye), the eyebrows, I added more polymer clay to make the forehead,  and I started adding rolled polymer clay for the hair.


After making the fringe, I added a sheet of polymer clay around the hand and then I textured it using the back of the craft knife.


I made a little ball, I flattened it and this is the ear. I also attached a log of polymer clay under the head to make the neck.


I made a “torso” shape using aluminium foil (the one you use in the kitchen) that I coated with black polymer clay. I prepared two logs for the arms.


I assembled the head and the upper part of the body together and prepared two logs from aluminium foil to coat them with polymer clay (to make the legs). I made two triangular shapes for the shoes and a large white triangle for the white shirt. I am preparing the collar to add it to the shirt.


I prepared the shoes strings and the front of the vest. I made a similar shape for the back of the vest (with no cutting this time). I added a small bow tide under the collar and two blue triangles on the sides of the vest. 

DSC_0585 (3)

And now the lady:

I used the same Oymaru mold and a mixture of white polymer clay and red polymer clay (a light pink shade).


I used the mold to make the face, I removed the clay around and only kept the face (pressing up and down to make it rounder).


I added two oval white shapes, then the round balls and the black little balls on top. I finished adding the very little white balls.


I contoured the eyes with black polymer clay and added eyelashes. I added brown eyebrows. I added an oval red shape for the mouth and pressed a little between the lips. 


I started adding thin rolls of polymer clay to make the hair. I coated the back of the head with a sheet of polymer clay and textured it a little bit and added more rolls of polymer clay all around the head.


I added a small log for the neck and I prepared a bust out of aluminum foil. I coated the aluminium foil with white polymer clay and put the upper part of the body together, then I added another sheet of white polymer clay over the bust.


I textured the bust.

Ea 6

I used a wooden stick to keep the pieces together. I am preparing the lower part of the dress. I prepared a sheet of polymer clay and I am folding it over the bust.


I prepared the bow and attached it on top of the dress.


I added a silver pattern using a vein mold and silver Fimo powder.


I used a cutter to make the flower that I put in the hair as well as the flowers from the wedding bouquet. 

To finish the wedding decoration, I used a styrofoam wrapped with red ribbon and I pressed the wooden sticks into it. The heart is cut out of cardboard, decoupaged with an embossed napkin. I colored it with red and dark violet with my finger, (not with the brush, just the way I would make a polymer clay to stand out using mica powders).

This was a rather long tutorial, but I tried to collage the images together so that it would be easier to understand it.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me (I hope my friend will like my vision of her and of her future husband).



DSC_0585 (2)



    1. Thank you so much, Irene! I must tell you that they turned out better than I hoped. I wish you a beautiful and creative state of mind to create the wonderful jewelry that you delight us with! Best wishes! Mihaela

  1. I’m really moved. Giacometti said ‘The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity’ and you have achieved two portraits infinitely expressive. You’re so great, Miha. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt Art. ❤

    1. Thank you, dear friend, for being so encouraging! I am very happy that you like the result of my work. It was something I would not have normally done, but now I am happy that I tried my hand at miniatures as well. Have a wonderful evening! Mihaela

      1. I was very impatient for the result of this work, it seemed risky, but now I only have to congratulate you. You also are an excellent sculptor. Thanks for your reply.

      2. Thank you for all the wonderful things that you always say to me! I hope to find a way to incorporate this sculptural vision into my jewelry. My best to you! Mihaela

      3. Thank you! As I already told you, I continue to learn as much as I can and I started to study e-marketing and I am doing my best to understand the business part as well. Wishing you an excellent day! Mihaela

      4. It could seem accessory but not. What you’re telling it is very important for your work and I’m sure will interest you even also its dynamic performance. Everything has its importance, and you have a comprehensive and integral view of everything around your life, and that’s fine. Thank you for greetings. I also wish you have a wonderful weekend.

      5. It takes time to learn and when it comes to learning marketing or business related things, I must say that I would rather admire other artists’ work and plunge into the bliss of admiring beautiful things, but I know that in order to be able to buy materials for your art work and to promote your work so that you can reach (hopefully) people’s hearts, you need to understand also the marketing process. Yet, I must tell you, that sometimes I loose my patience or I loose sight of my end goals. But when I receive so many encouraging thoughts and such a wonderful feedback, I regain faith in what I hold true inside of me. We have a beautiful sunny day in Thionville and I feel it’s going to be a beautiful week-end for me too. Plus I am preparing our trip to Romania (for another wedding, this time we are only guests, and then we are going to the seaside in Bulgaria – this will mean another break in my activity, but in the same time a beautiful schedule – seeing my family and friends, dancing at the wedding party, going to the seaside [I love the sea]. So I am feeling very happy today (in contrast with the Steampunk – rather sad – ballerina brooch that I am about to post. I am sure you have great weather in Spain! Have a wonderful and inspired day! Mihaela

      6. Hello Mihaela, forgive me another of my delays. I’m glad you have so many good news as is the possibility to traveling. Life rewards you because you deserve it. About the issues of marketing, you know that throughout the history, the lives of artists almost never been easy. It also has to know to survive.
        Yeah, I wish you a beautiful weekend. A hug and thanks for remembering me.

      7. I thank you, as always, for taking the time and writing to me! Luckily I had my mécène (represented by my husband), yet it’s time for me to show that I can provide for myself (like I always did in the past). Now I am preparing to go with my son and my family to a Saint Fiacre Celebration (with good food, inflatable slides for children and music). Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs! Mihaela

      8. Yeah, right. Not only is it important to survive but also to know that is merit by oneself. Without a stronger self-esteem, the daily battles can sink us. But that is not your case, it’s mine. Have a so happy day. All my heart.

      9. I am sure you are stronger than you think. You do so many wonderful things: you sing in a choir, you inspire artists and art lovers with your beautiful blog and by the warmth of your replies, I am sure you are a wonderful person! Hugs! Mihaela

      10. Mihaela Hello, thank you very much for your encouragement, this also give me strength to not give up and be a half wonderful person you are. Now I think my wife might someday return.

      11. Hello, dear friend! You encourage me to think like an artist, I encourage you to trust life more. I am happy to be here for you and I am very lucky to have someone like to check on my work and letting me know that I’m on the right track (especially when I feel lost). I am happy that you are thinking in a more positive way, that’s the best thing in life (in my idea). As always I Thank you! My best to you! Mihaela

      12. The originality, freshness and spontaneity of your Art, are those who speak. I only do as a wall resonance. Your merit is so obvious that my comments become small. But thanks anyway. Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you so much! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the result (and this opened the door for new possibilities for future designs). I wish you a very creative day and inspiration for taking your very beautiful photos! Mihaela

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