Free Polymer Clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy


Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy


I did not want to miss the chance to make something for Halloween. And I finally managed to do something. My son reminded me about the Halloween Party every day for the last two weeks, so for him, I said to myself I would make a Halloween inspired piece of jewelry. And also for the kid in you (and in me)…

While searching for inspiration, I had several ideas that seemed interesting, but I finally decided to go with the Halloween cat and I must say that I like the result.

I haven’t been very present lately, but the good news is that I am « nurturing myself »: I am taking painting classes, making my « debut » in pottery, I am taking photography classes and I follow a course on Internet Marketing… All in all, I am happy and grateful that I do all these beautiful  things.

Back to the tutorial. I wanted to have plenty of cats (to play with) so I decided to make a cane. I went for a black cat and for a yellow – orange background. Here is the making of:

Tools and materials used: black clay, red and yellow clay, a pasta machine, a wooden stick, a blade, a petal cutter, liquid fimo, a texture plate, sanding paper, water, varnish, Fireline, ear stud findings. 

I conditioned the clay. I prepared also a skinner blend of yellow and red clay (I put side by side yellow clay and red clay and joined them into one sheet of clay and I put it through the pasta machine several times to get a gradient sheet).

IMG_3904 (2)

I  made a large ball of black polymer clay (about 10 cm in diameter) and I flattened it by pressing on it with a box (the final result: a flat round piece having a height of about 4 – 5 cm). 

IMG_3906 (2)


I cut two shapes for the eyes and removed the clay.



I used a petal cutter to cut 4 petals. I used 2 petals to make an oval ball. I flattened each ball in the same way (maintaining the 4-5 cm height), then I turned into a cat ear, by shaping it into my big thumb and my index. I pressed them firmly into the head of the cat. 


IMG_3912 IMG_3914

Then I rolled a log of black clay and put a hole in the right upper area. I made it larger by making circular motions with the wooden stick. 


I prepared a thin log of white polymer clay that I put into the previous hole.


Then I wrapped this log in the skinner blend.


Then I wrapped the resulting log into a thicker sheet of orange polymer clay (resulted from the mixture of yellow and red polymer clay). 



I cut the log in two and then pressed each log a little bit to give it an oval shape and placed them into the holes (for the eyes). I added some black clay because I accidentally opened up the right side hole). 



I modeled a black log to make the body of the cat.


I am adding blocks of clay (keeping the same height).


I rolled a roll of black clay for the tail.


I measure where to put it into the orange block of clay and cut the orange clay to put it into. Then I put a black round log  for the top of the tail (I made a hole into the block of clay and inserted a log into the hole). 


I continued to add blocks of colored  clay to create a colored background. 




I am pushing everything together and shaping the block into a rectangular one.


I am reducing the cane (making it smaller and smaller) using my hands and the roller. I pressed from all sides and I rolled over all the sides and thus the cane becomes smaller and smaller (I cut intermediate slices during all the process to make all sizes of beads with them).


IMG_3943 (2)

I decided that I did not like the eyes. So I though I could use the remainder of the previously made eye cane to put some eyes on top and texture them a little.



I pressed the eyes very well with the roller. 


Trying out the texturing look.


It’s time to apply the slice on black polymer clay. 


Bond the two part well together by rolling them over with the roller.


Then I cut around (free hand) with the blade.


And finally the bead looked like this.


I flipped it over and applied a texture sheet on it (and pressed with the roller) to make a beautiful textured back.


IMG_3963 (2)

I finished by texturing the eyes. 

IMG_3957 (2)


I put them on a paper roller before putting them into the oven to have a curved shape on the final bead.

They looked like this after having baked them. 

IMG_3962 (2)

It’s time to sand them (I used 400 – 800 – 1000 sanding paper) and water. It is very important to use water because this limits the spreading of the very fine polymer clay particles that are dangerous for the health. 


I prepared a bail to attach it on the back of the bead.

I cut a petal shape of black polymer clay.

I textured it using a texture plate and a roller. 

I rolled it into a ring shape using my fingers. 

I added liquid Fimo and I pressed it very well into the bead.


And then put the bead once more into the oven (observing the polymer clay manufacturer specifications for baking the clay). 

I strung some black beads on Fireline and added a magnetic clasp to make the necklace. I added ear stud findings, liquid polymer clay and black polymer clay on the back of the bead to make the earrings. 

What can I say more? Happy Halloween! 


Free Polymer Clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy



  1. I love it! I wish I could do something like that… but I guess it’s right that we all have our specialties… are you working of special beads like this upon request as well? I love cats and I wish to have something to wear with my cats, which are of several colours. Pls. let me know… have a fantastic Halloween :-)claudine

    1. Thank you, Claudine! I think working with polymer clay seems more difficult than it really is. And I also think that is more difficult to understand a tutorial by looking at photos than by looking at a video, but for the moment this is the only way in which I can share my tutorials. I haven’t thought of making custom beads on request. But I would be very happy to show you a easier way (I think ) of making cat beads (using the same cane idea). And thus you will be able to make your beads in the shape, form and color that you choose. I admire a lot your engagement for the protection of animals and nature. I haven’t read your novels yet (I understand Italian a little bit only), but I am sure you are a wonderful writer (judging by the way you express yourself in your blog posts). Thank you for the Halloween wishes! Mihaela

  2. You are so good at this! Now if only you could get my ex-wife, who works in a dental lab making crowns and bridges, to make you a custom-fit pair of fangs, I think it would make a pairing both elegant and spooky. Might freak your son out, though 🙂

    1. Your idea is interesting, but you don’t know my son:) He has decorated all the doors and walls in the house with phantoms that he drew and cut out, but in the same time he wants me to leave all the lights on and accompany him when he goes to his room during the night (he says he is not afraid, but what if phantoms and monsters really exist, he is only cautious). But, he is only 5… P.S. Thank you for appreciating my tutorial! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      1. Thank you for your feedback and putting a link to my post Mihaela. We can’t turn back time, fortunately, these loving memories of my beloved grandmother stay with me always… X X

      2. I totally understand you. I also loved my grandmother very much. She never judged me and encouraged me to be myself (always trusting that I have what it takes to make the right decisions). I have always somehow chosen the path less traveled, but I felt that, from where she was, she supported every decision I made, so that I felt and I feel less alone. :-* Mihaela

  3. The shapes and colors are compensated each other, and at same time are versatile and flexible, have movement. It is a balance that enriches the spontaneity and freshness of a direct expression. It is also remarkable, something that only the great artists know to do: make differents versions of their own work, and here you’ve obtained it. I can’t see no objection. It is a true little wonder from your creativity, that is a gift for all of us. Thanks so much. ❤

    1. Hello my dear friend! You always find the words to encourage me and make me very happy. Thank you for explaining to me such technical things. I only do things as I feel to do them, but I am so happy that you see a logic within. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your impressions with me and being also so encouraging and making me believe that I am an artist (for me, the transition from translator to artist wasn’t always easy, but you helped me a lot with all the wonderful comments that you wrote to me). Wishing you a wonderful day, I am the one thanking you! My best to you, Mihaela

    1. Thank you, Janell for your wonderful words. In this moment I am still under the shock after the terrible events that happened yesterday in Paris. I live in Thionville, in the North of France, and here everything is calm, but I love Paris and I never though this could ever happen…

      1. I agree. My daughter’s college roommate is in Paris. She is safe and skyped with her roomies for comfort last night . Sending healing thoughts across the ocean…

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