Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

Let’s decorate the Christmas Tree


Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

Hello dear friends!

I must tell you that Thionville (the town in which  I live in France) is very beautiful with so many decorations and Christmas trees everywhere. I am a child at heart so I enjoy this time of the year – the Christmas carols, the glitter and the idea that in these moments we are more generous (we give presents, we smile more, we care for others and we do more charity). So it is a beautiful moment.

Time to feel grateful also. And I am grateful for:

  • my family – meaning my husband, my son, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends from all over the world
  • for the wonderful people I met in Thionville
  • for taking painting classes
  • for teaching polymer clay jewelry making classes to Pastorale des Emigrants de Thionville (and I have students from all over the world – Bangladesh, China, Kossovo, Armenia, Hungary, France, Spain, Russia, Poland -to tell you how lucky I am)
  • for having people appreciating my work (- and the list goes on -)

and I will also add the fact that my bead embroidered collar was featured on the back cover of a beading magazine (FireMountain Gems and Beads used it for their add) and also for being featured on the FireMountain Gems and Beads’ Gallery of Designs main page last week (during one week) – I can’t tell you how proud I was to see my design featured there!


In line with this idea, I designed a Christmas Tree brooch – perfect for the Christmas celebration!

Materials and tools used: white and red Fimo effects polymer clay, silver gray polymer clay, a pasta machine, a ripple blade, a craft knife, a heart-shaped cutter, beads, liquid Fimo, varnish and Pebeo paints.

  1. I conditioned the clay. Then I created a block of clay (approx. 15 cm x15 cm x 2 cm).


2. I drawn a design (free-hand)  using a wooden stick.

IMG_4182 (2)



3. I used the clay extruder to make some extruded strings of red polymer clay.

IMG_4179 (2)


I put two extruded strings one on top of each other to get the desired height.


4. Then I took my craft knife and I am cutting open the design in order to insert red clay.




I continued to do this: cut from the nearest side and then insert the red extruded string and push the clay together again.



I cut around an oval shape, took it out and wrapped red clay around it and then inserted it in the design and pressed everything together .


I did this for the entire design.



I made a hole in the clay and inserted a log of red clay.





I started to reduce the cane (I rolled it on all sides in order to make it smaller)


IMG_4212 (2)

5. After reducing the cane, I cut slices and put them on a sheet of  red polymer clay.




I put two slices side by side and rolled them with the roller.



6. I used the ripple blade to cut the sides of the tree.


I used a rigid blade to cut the bottom part.

I opened a little the middle of the tree in order to attach the trunk.  I used a heart-shaped cutter to cut little hearts.


I am using more hearts to decorate the tree.


For a different version, I used beads that I pressed into clay and added liquid Fimo into the small hole.



And then I put a thin string  of silver gray clay around it to secure the bead.

Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

For the back, I put some liquid Fimo on the brooch finding, then pressed it on the back of the tree.


I textured some clay and cut two rectangles using a cutter.


I put the rectangles over the brooch finding to secure it. I put them in the oven according to the clay manufacturer specifications and applied triple thick varnish to finish the piece.


I liked the tree shape so I wanted to try some Pebeo paints on it. This was the result.

Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

I hope you liked my tutorial!

Wishing you a wonderful week-end (and preparing to leave for Colmar and Strasbourg to visit the most beautiful Christmas destinations in France)!

My best to you!

Mihaela Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy






    1. Thank you, dear Irene! I must say that there are even more people, events, things for which I am grateful… And I do my best to give back: by smiling a lot and sending good vibes, helping people whenever I can, offering a piece of jewelry made by me or by inspiring others to create just as I am inspired by the blissful feeling that I have when I look at other artists’ work. We are all so creative and lucky to have this possibility to express ourselves! My best to you! Mihaela

  1. Congratulations on your necklace used in the Fire Mountain Gems ad. I can see why – it is amazing! I so enjoy seeing your tutorials on your blog. It’s fascinating how things are made. I can never picture how the beginning will end up as the end product. I love your trees! The painted ones look like fancy sugar cookies!

    1. I must tell you that even I don’t always know how the design will end up. And this because I change my mind a lot. You might even wonder why would I want to work on a cane and then cover it with paints, but I like to experiment a lot (and I also hoped that the design would show through more than it actually did). Thank you for appreciating my tutorials (I am happy to make them and I am even happier to know that they are appreciated). Best wishes! Mihaela

    1. Thank you, Irina, for letting me know that you appreciate my work! We did have a wonderful week-end (I discovered Epinal and Vosges Mountains and re-discovered Colmar, which, I think, is wonderful in any moment of the year. I wanted to tell you that I was very impressed by the way in which you polish the tiny beautiful hands of your wonderful art dolls! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      1. Thank you, Irina! We are celebrating the Emigrant’s Day with the Catholic Church of Thionville and it’s going to be a beautiful party (especially for children – we prepared many presents for them). Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

    1. Multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase! Imi face mare placere sa calatoresc cu tine (si sa vad lumea prin lentila aparatului tau foto). Iti urez si eu sarbatori fericite si toate cele bune! Mihaela / Thank you for your beautiful words! I am very happy to travel with you (and to see the world through your camera lens). Happy holidays to you too and my best wishes! Mihaela

      1. Nu cred. In practica n-am mai tradus de foarte multi ani (6 ani), insa am invatat aici, in Franta, ca e ciudat sa vorbesti o limba straina si ceilalti sa nu inteleaga. Acum am si eu prieteni de toate natiile si atunci cand se intalnesc intre ei, vorbesc, din usurinta, in limba lor si mi se pare si mie ciudat sa nu inteleg (in cazul in care nu vorbesc franceza, engleza, spaniola sau italiana – pe care le vorbesc si eu, sau macar le inteleg). 🙂

      2. Stapanesc bine franceza si engleza. Spaniola este a treia limba invata la facultate si desi o inteleg bine, la vorbit imi e mai greu. Italiana face parte din aceeasi familie si inteleg mesajul, insa ma exprim mai greu, dar daca trebuie, ma fac inteleasa. O zi buna! Mihaela

      3. Apropo de traducere, as indrazni sa am o rugaminte! Blogul “”, este tot al meu. Am costatat cu surprindere, ca am un urmaritor din…Finlanda (! L-am neglijat mult timp, crezand ca este un “like-er” de tip commercial sau ceva asemanator. Ma gandeam ca nu are cum sa inteleaga un finlandez, poeziile mele, scrise in romana! Dupa un timp am “riscat” o comunicare si am aflat cu surprindere, ca este vorba despre un domn, cu o remarcabila pregatire academica, in domeniul lingvistic, literar si muzical. Are cunostinte avansate de latina si limbi derivate. Mi-a spus ca are un sistem propriu de traducere din limba romana in engleza si apoi in finlandeza. Am fost impresionat de efortul facut, pentru a intelege modestele mele incercari lirice si i-am promis ca ii voi oferi traducerea proprie, in limba engleza, pentru cateva din poeziile mele, care cred eu , ca au oarece valoare artistica. Am ales trei poezii care sunt deja publicate pe blogul meu: Nostalgie De Toamna (01-11-2015), De Amor, De Primavara (15-03-2015) si Acele Nopti (20-06-2014). Cunostintele mele de limba engleza sunt foarte limitate. Nu am studiat niciodata in mod organizat, aceasta limba. Eu am sa fac traducerile, conform propriei viziuni, dar mi-ar fi de mare ajutor, sa am ca reper si o varianta de traducere “profesionala”, macar pentru una dintre cele trei poezii. DACA ai timp vreodata (nu exista un termen), te-as ruga sa ma ajuti in aceasta problema, deoarece nu cunosc pe nimeni care sa aiba cunostinte foarte avansate, de limba engleza! Daca nu este posibil sa ma ajuti, promit ca nu am sa ma supar, absolut deloc! 😀

      4. Sincer, nu am tradus niciodata poezie… Eu am ales, de la inceput, sa fiu traducator tehnic si juridic – si am tradus texte medicale, programe analitice de fizica, matematica, chimie, specificatii tehnice, contracte si documente juridice, etc., insa nu am tradus niciodata literatura sau poezie. Pentru mine procesul de a traduce a fost mai degraba un algoritm matematic decat un act de creatie (pana acum 4 ani nu m-am considerat creativa in niciun fel, am considerat ca eu am o gandire matematica, precisa, concreta.) O sa recitesc cele trei poezii si o sa ma gandesc daca sunt in stare sa le traduc intr-un mod mai artistic.

      5. Daca tu ai indoieli privind “competenta” de traducere, atunci eu nici macar nu ar trebui sa sper, ca am sa le pot traduce corect, cu mijloace proprii!

      6. Atunci cand traduci poezie, nu traduci cuvinte, ci sentimente, idei, iar eu sunt invata sa traduc cuvinte. De aceea spun ca este o mare diferenta intre traducerea tehnica si cea literara.

    1. Thank you for appreciating my work and for this wonderful comment! I am so happy to have this amazing feedback and I am also very grateful! Sending you my best thoughts! Mihaela

  2. Hello Mihaela, I’m sure about your work in white and garnet, that you deserve to be a good heir of Matisse spirit. It’s no necessary to remind his work ‘The Sheaf’. You have a similar perception. The other work is rich of textures and colours, more in affinity with the works of Turner. But today I’m moved about the artistic relation with you and Henri Matisse. As always you’ve amazed me. Thanks so much for your generous task and congrats for your great Art.

    1. Thank you, dear friend, for always finding beautiful things to say to me. You are the artist and the magician because you always find magic where I did not know it existed. You make things to be more beautiful and full of a sense I did not expect. Thank you for this magic moment… I had to read twice your words to be able to express the feeling I had after reading your thoughts. Thank you from the heart! My very best to you! Mihaela

      1. I’m moved by what you say. I give you a million thanks, but all the merits are only yours. I can only say what my eyes can see Your art is as great as your heart is good. It is a pride to be a friend of you. Good night and happy dreams. You deserve it.

      2. Thank you, dear friend, for your confidence and for your friendship. I am very happy to have someone like you that is giving me a sincere opinion and, in the same time, makes my vision larger. Yesterday in the afternoon I had to do all the things that my son does in his judo class (it was a very funny family activity), but I must confess that I had to go to sleep earlier than usual (it looks like I don’t have the energy of a 5 year old). Have a wonderful evening! My best to you! Mihaela

      3. Hello Miha, I’m always reminding that I was beginning to be father when I was 38 years old. The sons not only mean an economical effort, the physical and psychological it is necessary too. This age maybe is the most tired for parents, and specially to the mothers. We don’t need to cheat to own selves, the women often do more. But Anton has a perfect mother as this song:

        But if you are very strained at night, maybe I can help you with this famous song sung like a lullaby, by myself. (1,15 minute).
        Thanks for your message. Good evening and happy dreams!

      4. Thank you for the song! I don’t consider myself a perfect mother (and I think that every person would want to do even more for his/her children), but I am doing my best to be a good mother and to inspire him to be a good person. Thank you also for the lullaby, you have a wonderful, peaceful and warm voice. I a terrible singer so instead of singing to my son at night, I prefer to read him bedtime stories (in French, English or Romanian). I hope he will love to read when he will grow older. Thank you for your beautiful message! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      5. Oh my sister, first of all I need to thank you, for your following of my channel on Youtube, this is a very gift of christmas’ and amazing gift for me. Yours following is the first. I esteem everything that could be the first.
        You’re doing just the same that I did to motivate my son. Since he was a baby I always buyed books for him. The first of these were plastic for the bathtube. Now he is good reader. But I’ll never tell this to him. He is 20 years old and the merit it’s for him.
        Maybe I told you that I don’t like my job: a simple clerk in a court. Tomorrow I will begin to work in a different court. Oh Miha, this night for me is not to good to talk and I hope your understanding.
        Good night, not to a perfect mother, ok. But almost.
        Happy dreams and greeting from the warm Barcelona.

      6. My dear friend, thank you for sharing your beautiful song with me – as I said I loved your warm and pleasant voice – I think it is a present for us that you took the time to sing that song and shared it with the world. It is a first for everything, I agree with you. I hope you will have a lot of followers to your Youtube channel, as you deserve to have for the effort, good vibes and the time you graciously invest in sharing your passions with the world (be it art sketches or music). You are lucky that your son is a good reader, I hope my son will be too. I love books and they helped a lot to better understand life, people, other cultures and also how important it is to use your imagination. The world is even more beautiful and full of possibilities when you consider it to be limitless and full of beautiful surprises. I envy you for the beautiful and warm weather in Barcelona. My best to you! Mihaela

      7. Mihaela Hello, I’m sorry for my delayed reply, but sometimes one is not in the best humor. The next days near to Christmas, will be the firsts in a new situation at my home and I only surpassed two days in my new job. I agree with you about the weather of Barcelona, you can envy me, but there is no more reason than that. You’ve remembered something very important: the value of the power of imagination and also the creativity’s practice, whatever about it may be. That comforts me. Anton will be a good student, I’m so sure. Thanks again for your ‘large piece’ of friendship.:)

      8. Hello dear friend, I am sorry for being silent in the last days. I am doing my best to organize my next year (because I realized how important it is to organize things, just because there were so many things that I wanted to have them done by now and did not manage to do so). I am also working on my site (now that my husband is on vacation, he has more time to dedicate to my site). I am feeling a little guilty for having spent my time having fun with friends and working less than I should have, but I am again confident in the future and I hope for the better in 2016 (hoping also that I have learned some lessons in 2015 and that they made me wiser).
        I wish you Happy Holidays, to have a wonderful year in 2016, full of creativity and joy! My best to you! Mihaela
        Thank you also for the good vibes that you send to me! Hugs

      9. Dear Miha, now I don’t worried if during some time days o weeks we have no news between us. Today everybody have few time because we dream being able to do a lot of things. Maybe the important is to enjoy with the action of everything we’re doing in each moment. If we fight against the time, we could win a simple battle but we shall to loose full war, I’m sure. The greeks had their myth about ‘Kronos’ and this will destroy us due to our obsession to overcome him. And don’t feel never guilty about nothing. This kind of feeling is due to our religion that told us we’ll being punished for our mistakes and we’re dragging this sense. I know this because I went to a priests school.
        I will not being tired for remember you the same thought, of others comments to you: the personals experiences will feed your creations. Relax yourself Miha!!! Good 2016. Bye!

      10. My dear friend, I think you are right. In some moment in time I got lost and I forgot to appreciate life and the little things. The result was that I became too stressed to concentrate myself on anything and I had a strong feeling that I was competing with time and loosing every time. Luckily I realized it. And I hope to use this lesson for a better management of 2016. I am full of faith again and my hopes for 2016 are high. Needless to say that knowing that there are people that appreciate my work and are kinder with me than I am sometimes with myself helped me a lot to get back on track. So I wish you to enjoy the New Year’s Eve and to start the new Year with a joyous heart and with the confidence that 2016 will be a better year! My best to you! Mihaela

      11. So then, I’m more calm because I see you know what happens to you. Please don’t follow being so much demanding with yourself, this is neither the right way for your Art. Bye!

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