Playing with Pebeo Paints and Polymer Clay by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

Happy Holidays!

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Hello dear friends,

Today I’m not sharing a tutorial, but variations of ideas that I explained in another tutorial. I’m doing this to show you in how many ways you can express one idea (with variations) and also to show you polymer clay pieces that I am very proud of.

In fact I made this Art Nouveau inspired piece with the intent to make a pendant… But in the end it was a little too big for a pendant (even for a statement piece), so I let it aside. And today I realized, hey, I can put it in my Christmas tree. And this is how the idea of using it as a Christmas decoration came to my mind.

The next thing I made was an Art Nouveau inspired pendant (using the same techniques: Oyumaru mold for the face, that I modified a lot – I added the hair and the flowers -; I used butterfly cutters to make the wings and an Art Nouveau motif for the central part ; After baking, I applied Pebeo Paints). 

This is the piece that I made as a pendant and you can see the tutorial here:

Polymer clay brooch by Beads Academy

And I have also a necklace (which is one of my favorite polymer clay pieces – and I am very critical about my work) that I want to show you. The same ideas apply here (Art Nouveau inspired shapes, Oyumary mold,  Pebeo paints on top).

Fairy tale - Polymer clay necklace with Pebeo Paints by Beads Academy / Mihaela Georgescu

Fairy tale

The funny thing is that I used the same statue to make the mold (I used it also to make the bride and bridegroom and the face of the Steampunk statuette  So, you see, using the Oyumaru mold is just a starting point. 

Thank you for reading my blog posts!  I wish you Happy Holidays!

My best to you!

Mihaela Playing with Pebeo Paints and Polymer Clay by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy





  1. Dear Mihaela,

    Many thanks for all these very nice peaces. I had a long break on the blogs but it is always with a great pleasure I discover your jewelry. What you do is really marvellous. Sorry for my English which is not very good.
    Many thanks for your wishes. Mine in return. Merry Christmas and Have a nice end of year : and all the best to you and yours for the next one ! Friendly.

    1. Dear Lise,
      thank you for your beautiful words! I really appreciate your comment! Especially now that I feel that I did not do all the things that I would have wanted to do and that I am thinking how could I organize myself better in 2016 to balance my blog, the creation process and my personal life… But I am trying to concentrate on the good things and hope to do more in 2016. Happy Holidays to you too and wishing you even more inspiration for your amazing art (I love your Arabesques portrait! Mes meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année! Mihaela

    1. Dear Inese, I adore your art photography! Thank you for your wonderful words that touched my heart! I love the way you finished your end of year blog post: “Look back, and smile back – you have had happy moments, you have overcome adversity, you have been appreciated. Look ahead and don’t be afraid.” What a beautiful message! We thank you for your beautiful art photos and for showing us the world through your eyes! Best wishes! Mihaela

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mihaela! We lived to celebrate 2016, which means that we are stronger than all the adversity we have to face in our life 🙂 Everybody has had great moments of victory last year, and it is what matters. I asked a question in this blog – what extraordinary experiences did you have in 2015. No one answered, because people don’t believe that there is anything extraordinary in their life. In fact, there is plenty 🙂
        Best wishes for 2016!
        Love, Inese

      2. You are so right, dear Inese! There are extraordinary things in our life – nature is extraordinary (every sunset is unique and beautiful beyond words), people are extraordinary (and I think of all the people that helped other people in the night of the Paris attacks – I am speaking about a sad moment in a moment when we are all energized by the idea of the brand new beginning and of the endless possibilities that 2016 carries in it – but this is only to say that people are wonderful and in times of sadness we are more united and true to our nature than ever. For me, the extraordinary from my life would be the fact that I started taking painting lessons (which is something I would have never imaged doing) and all the wonderful people I met in Thionville (the town where I live in) as well as online. There were moments when I doubted my decisions (of being an artist and not a translator or interpreter) and reading the wonderful comments I received on my blog, helped me continue on the less traveled road. So I am grateful for all these things and even much more! Best wishes for 2016! My best to you! Mihaela

      3. Thank you for this wonderful reply, Mihaela! I completely agree with you that we witness many extraordinary things in our life and other people’s lives. The fact that you dared to do what you love, is extraordinary indeed! Not everybody would have that courage. You believe in yourself, and look how beautiful and inspiring is your art, and every piece of your work is outstanding. I don’t want to say that a translator cannot have an extraordinary experience. Of course they can, as anybody else. The wisdom is to notice and celebrate all our special experiences, be grateful for them, and share them with others. Thank you for your good wishes, happy and successful New Year to you!

      4. Thank you, Inese, for all your appreciation! You are wonderful! I am grateful for all these experiences and for the wonderful people that I met and I am grateful for having met you! My best to you! Mihaela

  2. Happy Holidays, Mihaela. Love the pieces and what a great idea to hang it on your tree. Thanks so much for sharing your stunning work. Your pieces are so unique and beautiful.

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