Free polymer clay tutorial by Beads Academy / Mihaela Georgescu

When to call it a day


Free polymer clay tutorial by Beads Academy / Mihaela Georgescu

Hello dear friends!

This is day 3 of my 3-day Quote Challenge (I totally missed the consecutive part of  it), but I did my best to honor the invitation. After finishing the tutorial for my second day, I started something for the third day (hoping even to get it done on time). Except that it didn’t work. And although I felt inside that it wasn’t working, I kept on trying. After three days I had to admit the project was a total failure and it ended up in the bin. My lesson learned: as much as I would want to, I cannot force inspiration and the more stressed I am, the worse the results. So I am glad that I managed to get over my disappointment and my feeling that I ran out of ideas. I also managed to make this project, which might not be my best project, but it is OK.

So, my third quote (inspired by real life events) would be:

“Life is not about how many times you fall down. It's about how many times you get back up.”Jaime Escalante.jpg

I was invited by (  in the 3-day Quote challenge and these are the rules: 

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone or anything.
  • On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline.

Therefore: I nominate:

Lynz from Lynz is a woman that I admire, a cook that I adore and her blog is a mixture of the story of her life and wonderful cooking recipes.

Belen from Visit her site and her ceramic works will be a feast for your eyes!

Intraordinary  from I loved her owl polymer clay earrings and I am sure you will love her nail art too!

I wanted to mention also that this is my project for week 2 of #2016PCchallenge. 

Materials and tools: scrap clay, soft blue Fimo Professional polymer clay, Bordeaux Fimo Professional polymer clay, gold metallic Fimo Professional polymer clay, clay extruder, rectangle cutter, square crystal beads, memory wire, craft knife, varnish, drilling machine, sand paper, pliers, thin wire, jump rings,  chain and a clasp. 

I conditioned the clay. I am working with scrap clay. IMG_4597

I am preparing my biggest focal. I made the shape I wanted for the focal. 


I cut the opening where I want to place the beads.

Then I cut two more smaller beads. I used alimentary film (that I put on the clay) and I cut on top of the film (thus the bead would have a nice and curved shape on the top). I cut once again after removing the film. 


Then I baked the three beads  in the oven (30 min. at 110 degrees Celsius).

I conditioned the clay that I used for the cane. 



I extruded Bordeaux, Blue and Gold Metallic polymer clay (I used the square disc).


I created the pattern.




I reduced the cane.


And then I cut it in four. I aligned the pattern. IMG_4616



I cut thin slices and rolled them down on a very thin sheet of polymer clay.


I covered the focal with the cane pattern.


It’s better to use gloves for this project (I didn’t and I left a lot of fingerprints and then I had to work harder in the sanding part).

I cut out the part where I will attach the brick stitch.

And now comes the most interesting part: smudging (distorting) the design. The fact that I worked with soft clay and gold metallic (and also that I had very warm hands), allowed me to press slightly on the squares and thus to smudge (distort) the design.


I coated the inside margins with clay and the back of the bead as well.



I smudged half of slice of cane on the back of the bead (near the margins) to have a glassy effect on the back. I textured the back of the focal using the pattern from the clay extruder.


I coated the little beads and then decided to add a blue stripe of clay on the margin and as I liked the effect, I went back to the focal and added a strip of blue clay on its margins as well.

I rolled with the roller  the surface of the beads to eliminate the fingerprints.

I put them in the oven (30 min. at 110 degrees Celsius).

I drilled holes using a drilling machine.


Then I sanded them with wet sand paper (600 grid).




I varnished them.


I used memory wire to assemble the beads together.


One rectangle bead has holes in the upper part, the other in the middle (I wanted a slightly uneven design). 


I  stitched the beads (using thin wire). 

I put two beads on the wire and passed again through the beads (creating a loop).


I added two more beads and passed the wire through the previous two beads (and did this until I had the length that I wanted).



I added the stitched beads to the focal (I wrapped the thin wire around the memory wire). 

IMAG1382 (2)

The project is finished (and viable – Thank God!) 

I wish you a wonderful and creative day!








  1. I love this project, the end result is extraordinary, really cubist inspiration, congratulations Mihaela, this is a beautiful design.
    Well, I came to say thank you for your kind nomination, it is a pleasant surprise for me and I appreciate it.
    Thanks for making me a place in this, your house 🙂

    1. Thank you, Belen, for appreciating my design. As you say, this is in a way my house, the place where I can express my thoughts, have friends give me a feedback on my work and from time to time we meet and drink a virtual coffee together during a blogging challenge. Thank you for coming by! Hugs! Mihaela

    1. Thank you very much, Belén, for mentioning my blog and for replying to my challenge invitation! Your work is so beautiful and joyful and full of creativity! I am replying a little bit late to your blog post because I have been on vacation for 14 days and I did not have Internet connection to check my email and my blog. I came back with wonderful images in my head from Barcelona, Tenerife, Funchal, Casablanca, Malaga, Rome and Pisa. Your message was a wonderful surprise when I opened my messages and I thank you from the heart for your appreciation and for mentioning my work! I wish you a wonderful and creative day and a lot of inspiration for your beautiful and lively ceramic art works! Mihaela

      1. Thank you so much, Mihaela! The sight of stone pines and orange trees brings tears to my eyes – tears of joy. Have a happy week, lots of energy and fantastic ideas! 🙂

      2. I totally understand your happiness tears, dear Inese. I feel the same looking at the stone pines. I wish you a very beautiful week and a lot of inspiration for your wonderful photos! My best to you! Mihaela

  2. It’s amazing to watch your process of how everything comes together so beautifully Mihaela. To watch lumps of clay morph into these beautiful art pieces that you can wear, just never ceases to amaze me. This one seemed particularity creative and inventive. So cool!

    1. Thank you, Deb, for enjoying my tutorials. I’m trying to get back to work, I have been on vacation for two weeks and now I am concentrating on my son that has the flu and very high fever. This explains my silence from the last period. After longer breaks it is very difficult for me to get back to my working desk and I must tell you that I loved your message and that it helps me remember why I do what I do. Thank you for that, Deb! I also wanted to tell you that your beautiful work is as always exquisite and inspiring and just by looking at your Underwater Reef textured painting I felt inspired by seeing so much creativity and beauty! My best to you, Mihaela

      1. Mihaela it’s always so hard getting back into the swing of things when you come back from vacation isn’t it?! Sorry to hear about your son having the flu – ugh, poor thing! Well, I’m happy you find inspiration in the painting – keep making your beautiful work – you have a gift! Take care~ Deb

      2. Thank you, Deb. My son is still ill, but he will be fine in 2-3 days. Normally, he is so full of energy and now it is difficult to see him staying in bed. Luckily he is not ill very often. Thank you for your beautiful message! Take care and have a wonderful day! Mihaela

    1. Thank you, dear friend, for your beautiful and heart-lifting words! I wanted to tell you that I passed through Barcelona in February (but only a few hours) and I loved your city and I hope to come back in the near future and spend some days there and I will surely tell you in advance so maybe we can meet, if you have the time (I told you so much about Anton, you’ll get to see him too). My husband loved the city too so we’ll surely be coming back (soon, I hope). Have a wonderful day! (I envy you for living in such a beautiful city). My best to you! Mihaela

      1. Dear Mihaela, the reading of your kind words always is a true pleasure. I’m a little surprised for ignore your last visit. I think every country and every city has its charming. The advantage to judge our own city is to know the positive and the unfavorable sides too. If you come back to Bcn, and if I had enough time, I will be so proud to guide you through large avenues or narrow alleys. Greetings and hugs, my admired big artist!

      2. Thank you, dear friend, for your wonderful reply. It was my turn to be a little bit down with the flu (it’s the season), but now I’m feeling better. I hope to visit Barcelona again in the future and I will let you know in advance. It would be an honor for me to discover your city guided by you, if you have the time. My best wishes to you! Mihaela

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