LED Jewelry made using polymer clay - Visit https://michellemaya2005.wordpress.com/ for more polymer clay tutorials

Let your light shine through


LED Jewelry made using polymer clay - Visit https://michellemaya2005.wordpress.com/ for more polymer clay tutorials

Hello dear friends,

I am fascinated by light and it’s been a while since I am trying to put together a project using LED light and polymer clay. I have some other attempts, but this piece is the first piece which really appeals to me. And I hope it will appeal to you too.

So, if I have a message for you, it would be to find your own voice, to express your way the things you love, in a sentence: “Let your light shine through!” 

I have also prepared a video for you to see the jewelry pieces from different angles and with the lights off.



I made this jewelry pieces inspired by the ArtbeadScene July Challenge. This is the inspiration image. I played with some of the colors of the color palette.


 “Fireworks at Ryogoku (Ryogoku Hanabi)”
No. 98 from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, 8th month of 1858.
By Utagawa Hiroshige (Ando)
Woodblock print, Sheet: 14 1/4 x 9 1/4 in. (36.2 x 23.5 cm)


Back to the making-of:

Materials and tools used: Fimo Professional silver metallic, Fimo Professional marine blue, Fimo Professional Terracotta, white Fimo Professional polymer clay,  pasta machine, blade, earring findings, memory wire, silver-plated chain, jump rings, 4mm crystal bicones, triple thick varnish, LED candle light.  


I have conditioned the  polymer clay. I made a skinner blend from blue to gray. I used one thin sheet of the skinner blend and one thin sheet of white mixed with  a little bit of silver clay and put them on top of each other and rolled them from one side to the other.




Then I cut a thick slice and flattened it between my hands.


 I put it through the pasta machine through a thinner setting.


I started to cut thin slices.


 I put the slices on top of a marine blue sheet of clay (conditioned on a thin setting) leaving a little space between the them.



I put a sheet of paper on top of the piece and pressed everything together pressing  gently with my hand (I  used the sheet of paper to avoid leaving fingerprints). 


Then I turned it upside down and I added a thin sheet of terracotta polymer clay and another thin sheet of marine blue.


I used again a sheet of paper to press everything together. 

I started to cut thin slices.


I assembled the pieces together (I used some slices facing up, others facing sideways).

I assembled some slices to create a zipper pattern.


I decided to put everything on a thin slice of marine blue.


I used a sheet of paper to press them together by gently pressing on the paper.


I trimmed off the excess clay.

I cut it in four parts.



I decided how I would put them together. I gave an undulating movement to the pieces that were to be used for the earrings. I joined the other two pieces together into a dome shape with a hollow in the middle. 

I textured the back.



These would be the earrings.


I put them in the oven for 40 minutes at the temperature recommended by the polymer clay manufacturer. I tented them.

They looked like this after baking.




I varnished them with triple thick varnish to have a glossy look (I thought this would go well with the sparkling crystals). 

I used memory wire, chain, wire and crystal bicone beads to make a “frame” for the pendant. Then I decided to take advantage of the hollow in the pendant and place a LED candle light between the wired back and the domed pendant.

The back looks something like this (the idea was to have access to the on-off button. You can easily remove the LED candle from the pendant and change the battery. 


And the front


the earrings


and the ring



I hope you liked my tutorial!

My best to you!


LED Jewelry made with polymer clay - For more free polymer clay tutorials visit https://michellemaya2005.wordpress.com/




    1. Thank you very much! I have an obsession for using light and polymer clay together and I am working on this idea. Thank you for appreciating my work! My best to you! Mihaela

    1. All I can say is that I put all my soul, my energy and my desire to inspire and to lift people’s spirits up into everything I do. I continuously learn everything I can and I have a tremendous desire to express things the ways I see and feel them. I hope that I deserve a friend like you that says so many wonderful things. You must be my angel in disguise. Anyway, as I said, I am profoundly grateful!

      1. You deserve all the best, because everything you say also people can feel it. And they are thankful like me to you. I’m not any angel but I can feel esteem for your work everytime I see your tutorials. Your love in your hands working is awesome and exciting. I don’t know what else can I admire from you. That’s a lot, Mihaela!

      2. You are such a wonderful friend! And your words are so beautiful and energizing! Thank you! I am sending you my best thoughts and I hope that all that good energy that you put in your words and in your inspiring blog posts, comes to you tenfold! My best to you! Mihaela

      3. Your messages are always full of frankness, and for me are also a prize. Though I’m not religious, my soul collects all the drops, as if his letter was a rain. Hugs from Barcelona.

    1. Thank you so much, Carolyn! I am so happy that you liked my ideas and my work! Me, I love your voice and the beautiful message you put into your words. https://abcofspiritalk.net/2016/08/03/wonderful-wonderful-copenhagen/ I loved listening to your description of your visit to Copenhagen. I felt like being an old friend of yours with which you were sharing your impressions. I loved the smile I felt on your face when recalling the moments. And most of all I loved your message about respectful, peaceful and calm people. This is something that resonates deeply with my own vision of how I want myself to be and what I want to see around me. Thank you for speaking to our hearts! Best wishes! Mihaela

      1. And I feel the beauty of your soul as I read your words, Mihaela.. ❤
        One day soon you will realise your place in the world, and many will benefit from that realisation. Until that day, keep shining and doing as you do. It is a pleasure to know you. 🙂

      2. It is a pleasure to know you too Carolyn and it is pure joy to listen to you! I am so grateful for all the appreciation I receive! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

    1. Dear Antonio, thank you for your compliments! Happy holidays to you too! I envy you (in a positive way) if you are going to a wonderful beach that the one in the photo you posted! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your holidays! Mihaela

    1. Thank you, dear Irene! I am trying for some time to “marry” light and polymer clay. Wishing you a great day and lots of inspiration for your amazing jewelry pieces! Mihaela

  1. Hello Mihaela, my opinion is that your work can not be better than it is. The procedure is perfect, and also each piece carries the spirit that only you know to capture after the great masters. You are an excellent interpreter of the language of the masterpieces. When I observe the development of your work gives me a smile of happiness because behind all, there is your generous desire to teach . Thank you for teaching and congratulations!

    1. Thank you, dear friend, for your heart-touching words! You are right about my desire to teach and to share. This is a very rewarding thing for me. Thank you for your wonderful comment! You support me so much! I am very lucky to have someone so generous like you are to share me feedback on my work. I am deeply grateful! My best to you! Mihaela

      1. If I didn’t know your work, it would fair to support it, only for all the love that convey your tutorials. But that is not the case, because your creativity is really infinite. So there is a double reason to congratulate you.

      2. I really hope to put all my passion for creating and for working with polymer clay into these tutorials. And even though it’s not always easy, I consider myself very lucky that I can do what makes me happy. And when someone dear to me tells me such wonderful things, I have to say that I am really extremely lucky! Thank you, my dear friend! My best to you! Mihaela

      3. I think you are right. And I think I should go with the flow more often, I try so much to pass everything through my mind. So when you say that I’m doing a good thing when I am following my intuition, you confirm what I feel. I wish you a wonderful evening and I thank you for taking the time and writing to me!

  2. I plan to reblog your post in my blog https://hellocreativestimes.com. Since you have enabled reblogging on your post, I am assuming that you are allowing others to reblog this post. However, if you have any objection to reblogging your post, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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