Free polymer clay tutorials by Mihaela Georgescu

Feeling Blue …or not?

Free polymer clay tutorials by Mihaela Georgescu



Hello dear friends!

After spending a beautiful summer with my son, I’m back in business.  I had some jewelry pieces that I had made before the EuroSynergy Conference in Bordeaux, but I never had the time to show them to you.  I consider that jewelry pieces are made for wearing, or at least to be shown somehow, not to just sit in a drawer or on my working table, so I decided to make a blogpost and put them forward.

I was thinking also about the connotations of the color blue when used to express sadness (In English – feeling blue; in Romanian also – a suferi de inima albastra)  or fear (in French – avoir une peur blue) which are all negative feelings.  I was once in love with languages so you should understand why sometimes I look beyond words.  Yet, I was wondering why I had chosen the color blue to express the opposite of sadness, which is joy. I couldn’t explain it to myself, but when I realized it, I was intrigued.

Anyway, as always, I want to send you joy and good vibes. Just so you know it.

I have also some images of the process (I misplaced most of the photos I have taken during the making of the bracelet, yet I think that you will easily read between the lines).

Materials and tools: Fimo Professional blue polymer clay, cutters, a craft knife, the extruder, eye pins, crystal bicone beads, Liquid Fimo, chain and clasp.

I used some letter cutters to sketch the design. I copied it with tracing paper.




I put the copied design on top of the polymer clay sheet and used a pencil to imprint it into the clay. I redrew the design on top of the clay pressing hard on the pencil.


Using the round cutter (for the round shape in the middle) and the craft knife, I cut out the areas where I wanted to have empty spaces.

I put 2-3 bicone beads on a eye pin and then I pressed them into the clay. Using the triangle setting of the extruder, I extruded some clay. I used these extruded logs to make the embossed borders.  I placed the loop on the border in order to cover it with extruded logs. I used liquid clay to fix the borders on top.




I cut round shapes with the same round cutter and I placed them on the initial round base, folding them in half and trying to make a flower shape.

I decided to create an embossed version of the letters by putting the same kind of extruded logs on top of the existing letters.

I put the bracelet on a soda can to shape it during baking.


I tented everything with some foil and baked it at the recommended temperature for 45 minutes.

I added some chain and a clasp for easy wearing.

You can see the moving version of the bracelet here:


And another video of a necklace made using mostly the extruder.


Thank you for reading my blog and for appreciating my work!

My best to you!


Free polymer clay tutorial by Beads Academy / Mihaela Georgescu




    1. You know that I create as a feel, so for me it is a very intuitive process. But when someone like you, meaning someone with a strong artistic background, an immense talent and a vivid interest for art is appreciating my work, I am grateful and I thank you for encouraging me so much! All my best wishes! Mihaela

      1. Excuse me Mihaela. I disagree with that opinion. Yes for ponder a work, it can be useful some knowledge or some skills —although this is not enough without emotion— in the procedure of creation, the main guide is the INTUITION. Let’s remember the reflections by Picasso, when he said that after a long time with instructions, with theory and with education, we need to unlearn to recover our first capability (the intuition) for create. That’s why he suggested to observe the works made by children. I’m so grateful for the words you gave to me. Thanks so much again. Your admirer ❤

      2. I am the one that I am grateful. For all the pieces of advice, for the art lessons and for believing in me! I hope that I deserve to have someone like you admire my work and my efforts to express my feelings through my work. Again and again I thank you from the heart! Have a wonderful evening! Mihaela

      3. I not deserve nothing of the wonderful results of your Art, I’m happy just being a simply beholder. We only can give what we have. In me, my admiration for your inspiration and conviction. Good night and happy dreams!

      4. In fact I consider you a little bit like a mentor because you always had a good piece of advice for me and you encouraged me so much. You know not many people encouraged me in time, maybe now there are more people that believe in me, but I can tell you that you’ve been of great help! Good night and happy dreams to you too!

  1. It’s fascinating to watch you put pieces together and make magic happen Mihaela. Can’t believe it’s nearly towards to the end of the year, thank you for your joy and good vibes, I wish you another year full of creativity and laughter!!

    Vivienne x x x

    1. Thank you, Vivienne, for your beautiful wishes! I also want to wish you a year 2017 full of beautiful experiences, amazing travel stories and lots of wonderful fashion events! Thank you for sharing your impressions with us regarding all the wonderful fashion events that you attend! My best thoughts to you! Mihaela

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