Polymer clay video tutorial - Inspiration to work with translucent polymer clay and alcohol inks - Why not use LED lights in your polymer clay jewelry pieces?

Stained glass inspired polymer clay jewelry


Hello dear friends! Polymer clay video tutorial - Inspiration to work with translucent polymer clay and alcohol inks - Why not use LED lights in your polymer clay jewelry pieces?

Last week I was in Athens, Greece attending the European Clay Carnival.  I must tell you that it has been a wonderful experience. Starting from the techniques and tips that we got first hand from the amazing teachers  (Donna Kato, Jana Roberts Benzon, Bettina Welker, Eva Haskova, Gabi Simigdala, Sylvie Peraud), to the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people, to the beautiful polymer clay jewelry pieces that left me breathless, it was really amazing.

There were people from all around the world (mostly women, only one man)  of different ages, yet we connected so well together because we all spoke the language of love: of our love for polymer clay. And this experience confirmed two things that I already knew: that the possibilities of working with polymer clay are endless and that polymer clay is our secret motivator for wanting to learn more, be more, give more.
Also, I am always trying to learn more, keep my eyes open for inspiration and feed my passion for polymer clay (trying out techniques, ideas, making or buying little tools). And I also encourage you to continue to learn, stay inspired and feed your passion!
So, I came with the sun in my heart and I wanted to show this in my work. This explains the bright colors and the light LED from today’s inspiration. So, as always I encourage you to play with translucent clay, alcohol inks and to take this inspiration further. To put your style and your voice and to create a piece of jewelry that represents your vision of stained glass!

Here is the link to download the free stained glass pattern: http://www.free-stainedglass.com/panels6/panel128.php

Thank you for watching my tutorials!

My best to you!



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    1. Thank you, Irina, for your appreciative comment! I am so happy to read such encouraging words! I wish you also a wonderful and creative week and I wanted to tell you that I loved the Princess Diana wedding dress and I loved seeing the doll elegantly put in the box. I can image the wonderful feeling of the person opening the package! https://dollsglobal.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/commissioned-project-princess-diana-wedding-dress-doll-2/ My best to you! Mihaela

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