Glittering polymer clay


Hello dear friends!

I don’t know if I’m under the influence of all the shinny and colorful Christmas decorations that I see all around me, but I felt a sudden need to play with foils and alcohol inks (and polymer clay) and thus express my joyous feeling. So this would explain this faux –enamel project that I have prepared for you and that I hope will inspire you to make a beautiful cuff for the holidays.

So take out your silver metallic foil, your alcohol inks and your square and rectangle cutters and let’s get down to work. Of course, don’t forget to take your polymer clay (as I didn’t want a really black base for the cuff, I decided to mix navy blue polymer clay with black polymer clay in a ratio of three to one – three parts of navy blue and one part of black).

You can texture the base of the cuff with your favorite texture plate (or with a sponge) and you should decide if you go for applying a pattern with a stamp and the inkpad of your choice (I used silver considering it would be a good match for the dark blue bracelet base) or not.

I decided also to decorate the inches (the shapes that I cut using the rectangle and square cutters) with a pattern made using a different stamp and black Stazon ink. Again, it’s up to you to decide if you want to have a pattern on your inches or not.

Here you have the entire list of the materials and tools that I used for this project.


  • Polymer clay (I used 3 part of Navy Blue Glamour Cernit and 1 part Number One Black Cernit)
  • A pasta machine or a roller to condition the clay
  • Ink pads (silver and black)
  • Small stamps
  • Silver metallic foil
  • Alcohol inks (I used Chili Pepper red, Sapphire blue, Sun bright yellow and lime green)
  • Cutters (square and rectangle cutter in various sizes)
  • A rigid blade
  • A brush
  • Triple-Gloss varnish
  • Liquid Polymer Clay
  • An oven and an oven thermometer


Have fun! I hope that you will make a beautiful faux –enamel bracelet to wear for the holidays or to give it to a very special friend!

My best to you!





    1. Thank you, Carolyn! You are wonderful! I must say that I had doubts about my ability of explaining the process in English. So your remark is so very helpful for me! My best thoughts! Mihaela

  1. Hi Mihaela! I’ve missed your beautiful creations!!! Have a healthy and contented 2017 filled with creativity. PS I love the green/blue combo -favorite! – Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much, Deb! I wish you a wonderful year, full of happy moments, inspiration and to have many people enjoying the possession of your amazing paintings (the ultimate goal of any art endeavour is altruistic – to make others happy). My best to you! Mihaela

  2. Hello Mihaela, I would like to have more knowledge in English to know how to express myself better. The splendor of the wonderful art of Byzantium always had that harmony, both in color and in form, of ‘absence’ and ‘presence’, the ‘clear’ and ‘dark’, the square and the rectangular in balanced compositions. Quite possibly that culture inherited the wisdom of other Orientals based on the principles of Yin and Yang. I have been amazed how such a small object as is a bracelet can contain so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing this great work and congratulations for your Art!

    1. Thank you my dear friend! As always, you amaze me with your wonderful words! You express in words the things that I feel inside and that I could not express in words myself. Thank you for taking the time and writing such beautiful things to me. I cannot thank you enough for how happy I was to read your wonderful message! I am sending you my best thoughts with a heartfelt smile on my face! Have a amazing day! I hope life will send back to you all this positive energy that you sent me! Mihaela

      1. I’m sorry for my delay. I should be faster for read the wonderful expressions of your messages. I feel our feedback as a dual admiration. You’re so welcome!

      2. I thought the same when I read your wonderful messages. But during the week-end I try to spend as much time as I can with my son. And I do admire you very much: I admire the time and the dedication you put into your beautiful blog and also the fact that you take the time and write to me wonderful messages! Have an amazing day! Mihaela

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