The journey into faux continues…[Video Polymer clay Tutorial]


Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

We are continuing the journey into the faux techniques and we are trying to achieve a Faux Enamel look using, this time, Pebeo Paints. The mica in the Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Moon is an excellent means to get a Faux Enamel look.  We will use (gilding) silver foil to make a beautiful frame for the Faux Enamel cabochon.


This is a photo presenting the sketch of my initial idea and in parallel the end result. For me, the end result will never be exactly as the initial idea because I am very flexible in my creative process. I allow myself to chance my mind very often and see what’s the best solution for the result I want. So, I encourage you as well to be very flexible when you are working with polymer clay and to leave room for the clay to surprise, even amaze you!

Pebeo Fantasy paints are simply amazing, yet I consider that it is very difficult to control the end result. You can test color combinations and decide the color combination that you like, but the way the colors will mix together is rather random (whether they just mix because they tend to expand on the area on which they are poured or because you are “helping “ them mix by pushing the colors using a toothpick or a needle).  So I decided to go around this impediment and to pour drops of emerald green on top of the first layer of paint (when this first layer was completely dry). I would say that the design created with this second application was more “controlled” because the paint could not mix with the dried paints and because I put a small quantity of paint to make sure that it won’t spill over or take all the place.

I am using (Cernit) black polymer clay, but you can use the color of your choice. You can even use your scrap clay because we are covering everything with silver powder or silver mica powder (in my case I decided to color roughly the back with silver powder, but you can use silver powder or mica powder and cover very well the back as well so you won’t be able to tell the color of the clay underneath). Again it’s up to you.

When cutting the silver decorated polymer clay stripes, try to have stripes that are consistent in size (I would say 2 mm wide).  And if you decide to add sparkling little crystals, keep in mind that you’ll have to have a little bit of room to do so. This means that when we are curling the polymer clay stripes, you need to make a larger loop.  You will use the same kind of stripes to form tiny spirals between your thumb and your index finger. You’ll see, it’s easy, peasy.

I baked the pieces for 30 minutes (I am working with Cernit) at the temperature recommended by the polymer clay manufacturer, but if you are working with a different brand of clay, consider baking your pieces for 45 minutes.

Don’t forget to varnish your pieces after baking them! My camera was off while I was applying the transparent varnish, but I am insisting on this part in the video as well. Consider maybe applying a second layer of varnish once the first layer has dried.

I hope you’ll like the heishi beads as well. Polymer clay is a wonderful medium to make beads and sometimes I think that we are not taking advantage enough of this thing!

I hope that you will like this project and that it will inspire you to create beautiful polymer clay jewelry pieces using these techniques!

Happy claying!

I teach in the PCA 2017! Click on the photo to learn more!


Faux Enamel made with polymer clay, Pebeo Paints and silver foil



    1. Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback! I am sending you lots of inspiration for your beautiful art dolls! I loved your Poenia design sketch And I wanted to tell you that your explanation of the Bohemian spirit resonated profoundly with me; I could have never said it exactly that way, but it is exactly how I feel it too. “Bright colors, floral patterns, and the spirit of Bohemia are my favorite themes. I love that feeling of freedom that comes from each: vivid colors = zest for life, flowers = femininity and the spirit of Bohemia = adventure.” Have a great day and an amazing and creative week-end! Mihaela

    1. Thank you, Caroline! And good luck with your blog! I am sure you have stories inside of you that are waiting to emerge and be put in writing and a blog is a wonderful way to share them with others. Have a great day! Mihaela

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