Faux Fabergé egg - Polymer clay short tutorial

Happy Easter! [Faux Fabergé Egg Polymer Clay Tutorial]

Faux Fabergé egg (1)

Hello dear friends!

I just wanted to wish you Happy Easter and I thought the best way to do it would be to make a very short tutorial. In fact this is more like an Easter Greeting card!

Happy Easter!



Material list:

  • Polymer clay ( a small package) – I used Shiny Blue Cernit Polymer Clay + scrap clay to cover the egg
  • A craft egg
  • A Texture plate (a used Lisa Pavelka Paisley texture plate)
  • Mica powders (I used orange gold, Fimo gold and Blue Russet)
  • Gold leaf
  • A rigid blade and a flexible blade
  • Cernit transparent Varnish
  • Rhinestones
  • A Swarovski cabochon
  • Paintbrushes
  • Weldbond adhesive
  • Kato Liquid Polyclay
  • An acrylic roller
  • A craft knife








      1. Hi Mihaela, I admire your shining personality. You always are giving your time to others. But that is not all. You create wonderful, genuine and splendid works of Art. My congrats, again ❤

    1. Thank you, dear Carolyn! I am very grateful for your amazing message! In fact I love teaching and inspiring others to create (using polymer clay) so much that I only do this – I don’t sell the jewelry pieces or other items that I make. But I am happy to send it to you as a gift and a symbol of my appreciation. Please contact me to tell me where I can send it to you. Wishing you an amazing day! Mihaela

      1. Mihaela that is so very generous of you; I would love to accept! However, my dear sweet heart, I would want you to have something from me. Even though you may not be interested to read my latest book I would love to send you a copy.
        I shall send my address to you privately, and ask that you send an address in return.
        I love the thought of having your beautiful craftsmanship adorning my dressing table! Much love to you… ❤

      2. Dear Carolyn, it’s very generous of you to send me your book. Thank you from the heart! I love your beautiful and insightful messages, and every time I listen to you, I feel that you’re addressing directly a question I had in my mind. I feel so optimistic and full of energy after listening to your words filled with love and light! Thank you again for appreciating my work. This means so much to me. I’m sending you lots of love! Mihaela

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