Polymer Clay Christmas Countdown – Day 4 – Fancy polymer clay

Fancy polymer clay - Polymer clay tutorial

Hello dear friends!

This is the fourth tutorial from the series and I hope you’ll like it!

I love Pebeo paints so when I’m in mood for creating a colorful and pearlescent piece of jewelry (using polymer clay, of course), they are the perfect solution for me.Click here to watch the tutorial and get inspired! 

Here are the materials and tools that I used in this tutorial:

  • Liquid polymer clay (I used Fimo liquid)
  • A silicone mold
  • A bracelet blank
  • Pebeo Paints (I used Caribbean Blue, Cherry Blossom and Violet)
  • Silver gilding foil
  • Weldbond adhesive
  • Cernit Glossy Varnish
  • A paintbrush and toothpicks
  • Scissors and a craft knife
  • Baby wipes

 Thank you for watching my tutorial!

My best to you!


Fancy polymer clay - polymer clay tutorial


    1. Thank you, my dear Carolyn, for your wonderful message. It means a lot to me. And I’m so happy that you liked the video. I really appreciate your feedback. When I record the sound, I think of you and the good feeling that I have when I listen to your voice and to your beautiful message, and I relax. Thank you for being an inspiration for me! Have an amazing day, my dear Carolyn!

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