Polymer Clay Christmas Countdown – Day 3 – Snowman Earrings Polymer Clay tutorial

Hello dear friends!

We’re getting closer to Christmas and to the end of this series. Even though these earrings are inspired by winter and snow and less by Christmas, I hope it’s ok if I place them in the Christmas Countdown series:)
For this tutorial you’ll need lots of glitter, but this time of the year we’re allowed to use glitter. I love Christmas for its symbolic meaning, for the fact that it’s a time when we celebrate with family and friends and I also like the glittering part.

Click to see the video polymer clay tutorial!

Here are the materials and tools that I used:
– Silicone mold
– Liquid Polymer Clay (I used Fimo Liquid)
– Nail art glitter
– White polymer clay
– Roller and/or pasta machine
– Rigid plate
– Round cutters in two sizes
– Lisa Pavelka Ethnic Borders Texture sheet
– Silver wax
– Decorative children scissors
– Silver glitter
– Dotting tools
– A craft knife
– An oven
– Earring findings
– Eye pins
– Jump rings
– Pliers
– Round nose pliers
– Scissors to trim off the excess baked Fimo liquid
– Parchment paper
– A silver spacer bead

I hope you’ll like this tutorial and I hope you’ll find it inspiring!
Happy claying!

Snowman earrings polymer clay tutorial


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