Lotus heart-shaped pendant / Valentine’s Day Countdown / 1

Hello dear friends!

You might not be surprised by the theme I’ve chosen for this Countdown, yet I hope that you’ll find inspiration in the tutorials. For me, it`s always a pleasure to make hearts, to use pink in my work and send love.

I`ll start with a technique that I like very much and that I used in the past to decorate larger objects as well. So, you can adapt this technique and use it to decorate polymer clay jewelry pieces, polymer clay vases, polymer clay art journals and other objects. I`m talking about eggshell mosaic.

The lotus flower is a flower that I adore. And more than this, I love the idea that this beautiful flower emerges from the muddy waters and it’s a story about resilience, surpassing difficult situations and becoming the best version of oneself.

I used a flower image and a dotting tool to impress a lotus flower pattern into the polymer clay. You can download the same template that I used from http://www.LearnPolymerClay.com and use it in your work (it’s free for personal and commercial use).

I used gold foil to decorate a sheet of polymer clay (passed through a very thin setting of my pasta machine) and then, using my rigid blade, I cut thin strips of polymer clay. And I used them to create a lotus flower outline.

I colored the eggshells (that I have previously cleaned and removed the white membrane from inside) with ink pens (you can use alcohol inks as well) and then I applied these colored eggshells on top of the polymer clay (using Fimo liquid) and tweezers. 

I finished the project by applying resin. I had some air trapped inside so I’ll have to be more careful in the future when I use resin in my work.

I hope you’ll like this Valentine’s Day inspired series and I hope you’ll be inspired to use eggshell mosaic in your work.

Happy claying!




  1. I love this, Mihaela! The mosaic works wonderfully for the petals, and the gold foil and resin add beautiful finishes. Looking forward to the rest of your countdown!

    1. Thank you, Anita, for sharing your impressions with me! I’m so happy that you liked this idea. I used eggshell mosaic in the past to decorate decoupage boxes and wooden boxes and I had this idea that it would work great with polymer clay as well. And I’m very happy to have such great feedback. Have a beautiful and blissful day!

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