Dance like no one’s watching – Valentine’s Day Countdown – Polymer Clay Tutorial – 3

Hello dear friends!

I hope you’re having a fabulous day today. This is a special day and for me this day is about celebrating Love with a capital L. Romantic love, but also love for the special people in your life, love for your art and just as important, self-love. Treating yourself just as you treat the persons you love, being just as kind with yourself as you are with your children and encouraging yourself as you would encourage your best friend.

This is the third and last tutorial of the Valentine’s Day Countdown. It was a short series, yet I hope it was an interesting one.

I have chosen a ballerina and the message `Dance like no one’s watching` to encourage you to really express yourself through your jewelry pieces and trust that the people that will resonate with you will love them. And just trust yourself and silence your inner critic… at  least from time to time. Expressing yourself is, in my opinion, a form of self-love.

In this tutorial I used a ballerina silhouette and I like using silhouettes and templates in my work. It gets easier to achieve a beautiful shape that you can further decorate and tweak to make a beautiful and unique piece of polymer clay jewelry.

I have chosen to decorate my piece using red polymer clay hearts that I cut out using a small heart-shaped cutter and overlapping them slightly.

I decided to use gold foil for that delicate shinny effect. And I love the result of texturing polymer clay decorated with gold foil. You should give it a try as well, you might like it too.

Again, I’m wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day and stay tuned for more inspiration for your work with polymer clay.

Happy claying!




  1. “Dance like no one’s watching – It was a short series, yet I hope it was an interesting one.”
    I adore this one, Mihaela. Your tutorials are fascinating to watch, and your voice so calming.
    Do have a wonderful day…
    Many Blessings

    1. Thank you very much! I hope you had a beautiful day yesterday. For me Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in general, not only romantic love.
      Thank you for your appreciation! I love your blog and I love the way you present traditional Indian cuisine recipes and the useful pieces of advice that you add to these recipes. They are all wonderful.
      Have a great week-end!

    1. Thank you, Anita, for appreciating my ideas! I like gold foil very much (for that little shinny effect that it adds to a piece) and I always try to find more ways in which you could use it with polymer clay.
      I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day too. I think that every occasion of celebrating love, friendship, positivity and the bright side of life is a great thing.
      Have a beautiful and inspired day and enjoy your week-end!

    1. Thank you, Ann, for your wonderful comment! I loved your post on looking back to see how you evolved over time. I also like to review my journey from time to time and decide where I’m going next.
      I also love the ArtBeadScene challenges and the design you’ve made for the February challenge is very beautiful!
      Have an amazing and creative week-end!

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