Polymer Clay Pendant

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!
I’m happy to see that the idea of using the scrap clay was a good idea and that other artists were inspired to use their scrap clay and make something beautiful.
So I was very happy to read this blog post from Divija and see how she turned scrap clay into a beautiful swirl pendant. Thank you, Divija , for joining the challenge!
Have a beautiful and inspired week-end!

Geeky Kalakaar

This week I made this polymer clay pendant.

I was inspired by Learn Polymer Clay’s scrap clay challenge to put my scrap clay to use too. The technique of this pendant was inspired by a youtube video by StudioSilverCreek. Check out her video here.

I’ll be honest, this technique works out for me only 70% of the time, so if it doesn’t work out for you too, don’t worry. So, let’s start!

Materials needed-

Step 1- Make a ball of scrap clay.


Now we need to cover this ball somewhat like this.


Step 2-…

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    1. Thank you, my dear friend! I was also so happy to see that my message was heard and that it inspired Divija to create a beautiful piece using scrap clay. It made my heart sing.
      Thank you for your beautiful words, my dear Carolyn. I’m deeply grateful!
      A wonderful day to you too!

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