Faux Christmas Candy Earrings + Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hello dear friends!

I just like this time of the year – when we start looking for inspiration for Christmas decorations and Christmas ideas for the house, for your wardrobe, for your holiday look.

It might seem too soon, but when you have children around there’s not such thing as too soon to prepare for Christmas. And, of course, my son is no exception:)

But, as I said, I’m a child at heart myself and I love these preparations as well.

Which explains this clay tutorial and the following ones that I intend to make.

Now and then I like to make canes. And this was the perfect moment to use my Christmas tree cutter and a star cutter to make an easy-peasy Christmas tree cane.

I have to tell you that I used a brand of clay that is slightly too soft for making canes, but I really wanted to use a pearlescent polymer clay that was perfect for a faux candy effect (with that slightly shimmering and glossy look). You can replace the pearlescent clay with white clay, but I’d still recommend trying out the pearlescent clay. I personally love it.

Here’s the material list with all the materials and tools that I used:

So, prepare your Christmas themed cutters and use them to make beautiful Christmas canes. It’s true that reducing a cane takes time, but think of all the possibilities for all those cane slices. It’s really worth taking the time, in my opinion.

While I was preparing to film the tutorial, I moved things around, moved the light spot and everything seemed perfect, but…. this is the result:

I hope that you’ll take this inspiration and use it in your work with clay!
Happy claying!

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I am a Teacher and an affiliate in the Polymer Clay Symposium 2020.



  1. Thank you, Megala, for liking this idea and the finished earrings! I also liked how the earrings turned out. It wasn’t my intention to make candy beads, I was more thinking of the cane and the process of making a cane, but after polishing the beads, I thought they looked a lot like candies. Which is why I named the tutorial this way. Have an amazing day! I wish you also lots of inspiration for your yummy recipes!

  2. Holiday cheers, Mihaela! Your candy earrings are just brilliant, and perfect for Christmas. I can relate to you ending up using too-soft clay because you really wanted to use specific clay – I did that once too to make a cane with a variety of pinks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful tutorial too, love that you used up your scrap clay to make the candies more interesting.

    1. Holiday cheers to you too, Anita! Thank you very much for writing to me and for telling me your impressions about the tutorial. It really means a lot to me:) I’m really glad that you liked the earrings and this tutorial. The pearlescent clay helped me in two ways: I realized that even though you have plenty of freedom when working with clay, when making canes there are some considerations to keep in mind (such as brand softness or hardness). And it also gave me the faux candy effect, which was totally unintentional, but I loved it too. And I always leave room for the clay to surprise me. Have a beautiful and creative day! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thank you my dear friend for sharing my Christmas inspired post. I’m very grateful for it. I’m also grateful for your beautiful friendship. And for the way you encouraged and supported me all this time. I’m wishing you a beautiful and joy filled day! Hugs!

      1. Hello Mihaela! I’m so grateful for your true friendship and for your selfless works and tutorials. I’ll always be a fan of your great sense in art. I wish you have a nice holidays. Hughs to you too.

      2. Thank you my dear friend for your beautiful and touching message. I am so grateful to have your support and your friendship. I can’t tell you how much your messages encouraged me in my artistic journey. Thank you! I wish you the best for the year to come! Happy holidays! Big hugs from France!

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