Winter White organic cuff and Merry Christmas!🎁

Hello dear friends!

I hope you’re enjoying these Christmas days and that you’re having a great time with your family and friends.

I’m also having a great time with my family and we will reunite with friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. I’m in the same time a little bit nostalgic about the fact that this is the end of the year and how time flies, but I’m looking with hope to the year to come and in the same time I’m mapping out my goals, desires and aspirations for 2020.

So, in order to end this year beautifully (in terms of polymer clay), I’ve prepared a special project for you.

Special because it’s related to this time of the year and because I’m working with white clay (which is not my color of choice, I’d rather use white clay with pastels and other coloring agents), I’m working out of my comfort zone (no symmetry, no molds), still I love this project a lot and I hope you’ll like it too.

Furthermore I really wanted to show you that you can create beautiful clay pieces and that you don’t need all that fancy clay tools. I must tell you that I have a lot of fancy tools that I very rarely use. And to quote Tony Robbins, it¨s not about how many resources you have, but how resourceful you are, and I strongly encourage you to be resourceful!

Here are the handful of tools that I used for this project.

Now I have to tell you that working with white clay is tricky. All the scrap bits from your pasta machine, from your tools or hands will adhere to the white clay… which is why you should clean your tools, your hands and your pasta machine before starting working with white clay. And as a piece of advice, keep baby wipes near. You will need them.

You might want to use gloves to avoid fingerprints on your design. I’m not very comfortable when working with gloves, but I do wrap my fingers in baby wipes when I want to use my fingers to press the 3D decorations into the base.

I can tell you that a toothpick can be a great (inexpensive ) tool and it’s a tool that I use a lot to texture my pieces and also to texture flowers or leaf veins. I encourage you to have toothpicks near when you work with clay and use them creatively in your work.

I’m using round ball tools to press the details into the base but if you don’t have such tools , you can use an old pen with dried ink and the rounded back of a paintbrush and they will do the job.

I filmed the introduction and the outro for the tutorial on the Jura mountains in an amazing winter scenery and my son had a great time with his sleigh.

Merry Christmas and Happy Claying!


And yes, I am very excited that the Polymer Clay Adventure 2020 will start really soon. I can’t wait to step into the year 2020 in an amazing way alongside all the students of the PCA 2020.

If you’re not enrolled in it, join us for a year full of clay inspiration! Did I mention the amazing clay community from the PCA?



  1. I liked your creative piece of art.I can imagine how beautiful show stopper it is going to become once it gets the touch of colours.
    2020 would be a great year for your wonderful creative spirit!!

  2. How beautiful they are, Mihaela; I love the pastel colouring – so northern hemisphere!
    I can see your son enjoying the winter wonderland. I’m also certain that you did too..
    Happy Christmas to you and a wonderful New Years Celebration! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful message, Carolyn. Yes, it’s true, I love this time of the year. I love all the Christmas decorations and the snow.
      A wonderful New Year’s Celebration to you too, my dear friend!

    1. Multumesc din suflet pentru apreciere! Imi place ceea ce fac si consider ca e un mare noroc atunci cand tutorialele si bijuteriile mele sunt apreciate.
      Sarbatori fericite si un An Nou plin de bucurii si impliniri!

    1. Thank you very much, Megala, for your beautiful message and for your wishes! I’m sending you my best thoughts and my best wishes too. Wishing you also lots of inspiration for your delicious recipes! Have a great day!

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