Register for the Polymer Clay Symposium 2021 and watch the classes for free (for a limited time)

Hello dear friends!

I’m very happy to tell you that you can register for the Polymer Clay Symposium 2021!

Why would you want to register?

Well, if you love clay (like me), you’ll surely want to learn from 28 amazing clay teachers. And yes, the principle of PCS is to be able to watch the classes for free for a limited time (24 hours). Which is great.

Polymer Clay Symposium 2021!

FRI, 5 FEB – SAT, 13 FEB, 2021.

28 artists, 28 sessions, thousands of attendees.

Are you in? Register now!


For those who decide to buy the bundle (which is offered at an early bird special price), they’ll get to own the classes forever (and continue learning and practice), but even more they’ll receive plenty of bonus materials.

Some of the classes are live so you’ll really feel the vibes of watching fabulous teachers demonstrating their class in real time.

My class is pre-recorder. I live in France and due to the present travelling conditions I could not go to Curious Mondo studio even if I wanted to. Still, I put all my love for clay, for teaching and inspiring into my class. Which has everything to do with faux techniques: faux soutache, faux shibori, faux glass beads. In relaxing shades of green.

So, I invite you to register now and you’ll receive an email notification when the PCS will start in February.

Happy claying!



*I’m a teacher and an affiliate in the event




    1. Thank you, my dear Carolyn, for your beautiful message! I really did my best to make the class interesting and inspiring.
      I’m also sending you my best wishes!
      Take good care of yourself!

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