Celebrating autumn

Hello dear friends!

How are you doing?

We’re in lockdown here in France and this means that I suddenly have more time. Just a way of saying… Time never changes. I can only change the way I see things. Which is why I decided that I wanted to use my time and indulge in creative activities. Mostly polymer clay.

So, as a result I spend more time in my studio. Which is a good thing. And I managed to step over the mixed feelings we all have in these unprecedented times and reconnect with my passion for clay. I received an email recently and someone told me, luckily we have our clay to keep our hands and minds occupied….it’s so true.

Still I want my post to be joyful and full of hope because this is how I feel inside. Which is why I wanted to share with you some autumn inspiration for your clay pieces.

I was looking thorough my older photo tutorials and I found this tutorial and I realized I still liked it and that this idea of putting together pastels, inks and clay can be an inspiration now as it was 5 years ago.

So I turned it into an animated short photo tutorial and I hope you’ll like it!

I personally love the autumnal colors. And I had the opportunity, a few weeks ago, to admire the fall colors and the seasonal beauty of Interlaken and Luzern in the German part of Switzerland. Here are some of the photos that I’ve taken during the 2-day trip that filled me with so much positive energy.

I want to finish this post on a positive note and tell you that, just like you, I want all of us to emerge healthy, stronger and why not more creative and more connected from all this.

Happy claying!




  1. Oh my goodness, Mikaela, that was so uplifting to watch. Your instructions, the colour, the music were all so well combined.
    Well done to you. You have become such a professional in all ways.
    Many Blessings to You

    1. Thank you, my dear Carolyn, for your exquisite message. You’ve made me very happy with your beautiful words!
      I love autumn colors and I really wanted to share this inspiration in the tutorial. It’s such a joy to receive so much appreciation! Thank you so much!
      Have a beautiful Sunday! Blessings!
      Take good care of yourself!

  2. The pictures are so beautiful, Mihaela! And so is your project – lovely autumnal colors (and the gold is eye-catching, of course. 🙂 ) Thank you for the photo tutorial!

    1. Thank you, Anita, for appreciating the photo tutorial. It was such a joy to read your message. I love autumnal colors and I’m happy that I was able to express it through these clay pieces. Thank you again! Have a beautiful and blessed day!

    1. Thank you very much, Inese, for liking these fall -inspired pieces. Yes, luckily both I and my family are fine. We are under lockdown in France, but I’d rather interpret this as more time to work in my studio and less distractions. I hope you’re doing well as well and I wish you lots of inspiration for your beautiful paintings!

  3. What a beautiful autumn-themed set, Mihaela. The layer of gold makes it shine. Thank you for the good wishes. Stay safe and enjoy the autumn 😊

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