Modern and Festive Clay Earrings

Hello dear friends!

How are you? I hope you’re doing well. Maye in the process of starting to decorate your house and prepare it for the Winter Holidays.

It’s been a challenging year for all of us, still we can find that inner childlike wonder and joy inside of us and start decorating our surroundings. When I see beautiful decorations in my neighborhood, I just smile. Putting a smile on your face or someone else’s face is such a great thing to do. Especially nowadays.

Which is why I felt inspired to create some festive earrings. Using clay, of course. And for the “extra glam” I added some UV resin:)

And I ended up with three pairs of earrings, slightly different from one another. The clay slab was so beautiful and I had the perfect cutters (CreateAlong Lisa Pavelka Triangle Cutters) that I had to keep on cutting interesting clay components and play with pairing them up. In order to “upgrade” their fancy look, I added some metal components that were the perfect fit to finish these designs (in my opinion, anyway).

Here’s the short tutorial (8 minutes or so) to get you inspired to create festive and modern looking clay earrings.

Here’s the material list of the supplies that I used:

I hope you’ll like this inspiration and use it in your work with clay!

Tell me what you think? Do you like these festive clay earrings?

Have a beautiful Sunday! Happy claying!




  1. They are beautiful, Mihaela, as was your tutorial.
    I love to listen to your sweet voice, which is also very calming too.
    Have a wonderful day filled with sweet blessings.
    Much Love

    1. Thank you my dear Carolyn, for your beautiful message! I was so happy to read that you liked the earrings and the tutorial.
      I had a problem with my computer. I replied to your message yesterday, but I think the computer froze and in fact the reply was not published…
      Thank you again for your beautiful message and for your support!
      I’m sending you my best thoughts and lots of hugs!

      1. I love jewelry and I also make my own macramé bracelets and necklaces, but I never tried polymer clay. I always thought it was a very difficult tecnique, but after seeing your tutorials I might give it a try in the future.

      2. Hi Blanca. I’ve see your beautiful choices in clothes and jewelry in your blog posts. It’s a wonderful thing that you also create macramé jewellery pieces. Even though I’ve never tried macramé, I love admiring such jewellery pieces. I’m so happy you’re interested in trying polymer clay in the future. And it really means a lot to me to know that my tutorials made you consider trying working with clay. It’s not very difficult to work with clay as long as you condition/warm the clay and bake it at the right temperature (even in your domestic oven on parchment paper). Please feel free to ask me any questions. I love clay and I love talking about it! Have a beautiful and joy-filled day!

      3. Thank you so much Mihaela! I don’t know when but one day I will definitely try polymer clay and if I have any doubts, I’ll make sure to ask for your expert advise. Hope you have a nice day too!

    1. Thank you very much, Anita, for appreciating the earrings and the metal components. I like pairing clay pieces with metal components and I hoped that these metal components would make the earrings stand out even more. Have a beautiful and creative week!

  2. Metallic components are definitely a treat! Especially with clay that has a glossy finish – you just can’t stop admiring the resulting jewelry when paired with metal. You were so right to expect an additional oomph factor for the earrings! 🙂

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