Art Deco Polymer Clay Earrings [with Blue Cernit Metallic Clay]

Hello dear friends!

How are you today? Are you on track with this year’s resolutions?

Me, I decided to choose the mantra Meaningful for this year. Meaningful ways to spend my time, meaningful projects, meaningful relationships. And, of course, polymer clay continues to be meaningful to me.

Which is why I prepared a new tutorial for you. I’m working again with (blue) Cernit metallic clay. In fact I used the scrap clay from my previous project (Blue dangle earrings). And yes, this project is great to use up your scrap clay, especially the metallic clay.

For the beautiful Art Deco texture I used an art deco stamp from CreateAlong. com. This is a stamp that I particularly like and that I use a lot in my work. As a member of the Create Along Design Team I get to experiment wonderful tools and I surely love the way Create Along supports clayers through the inspiration provided via the Polymer Clay Adventure yearly project, the Passion for Polymer Magazine and more.

I used gold metal leaf for this project. But you could use silver leaf, copper leaf or abalone leaf.

After cutting out the shape for the earring components I felt that something was missing. I was not convinced I liked the shape as it was. So I decided to use my “secret” tool, which is not so secret, meaning the Scallop Border cutter from CreateAlong. com (which is one of my favorite tools).

The earrings are slightly mismatched. I even added only one bead as embellishment for the earring findings.

I invite you to watch the full tutorial on Youtube and to Subscribe to my channel for more inspiration for your work with clay.

Here’s the material list for this project:

Cernit blue Metallic Polymer Clay

– Navy Blue Polymer Clay

– Create Along Deco Art Stamp

– Gold Metal Leaf

– Tangram Stencil

– Create Along Scallop Border Cutter

– smoothing tools, rigid blade, craft knife

– Gold metal wax and baby wipes

– thin brush for gold metal wax accents

– paintbrush and Glossy Varnish

– pasta machine and roller

– an oven and an oven thermometer

– jump rings and earring findings

As always I hope that you’ll take this inspiration and use it in your work with clay!

Happy claying!


P.S. I invite you to enroll in my free mini course on how to make your own clay tools and molds for polymer clay!

P.S. I’m a Teacher and an affiliate in the Polymer Clay Adventure 2021



  1. That’s a great New Year mantra, Mihaela. Meaningful is so ‘solid’ sounding.
    Here’s to a great and meaningful 2021 with joyful inspiration to lead the way!

    Your video and beautiful earrings are a delight. The colours are simply gorgeous. You are so creatively clever. And it is always so lovely to hear your voice.
    Many Blessings

    1. Thank you, my dear Carolyn, for the wonderful message! It was pure joy to read such beautiful words. I also wish you a beautiful and
      joyful 2021!
      Thank you also for appreciating the video and the earrings! I couldn’t be happier. I am also grateful for your friendship and support!
      I’m sending you my best thoughts and blessings!

  2. Hi Mihaela! these earrings are stunning! You had a great idea getting inspiration from Art Deco to create this pair of unique clay earrings. I love Art Deco, these´s so much inspiration to take from it!

    1. Thank you very much, Blanca, for liking the earrings and the Art Deco style. And you’re right, there are so many beautiful aspects in Art Deco that are great inspiration, especially for jewelry pieces. I also love Art Deco. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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