11 Ways to Make and Use Molds with Polymer Clay [Free Polymer Clay Mini Course]

Learn to use molds to make your own unique tools for polymer clay and also to add more interest to your clay pieces. Enroll now on www.LearnPolymerClay.com !

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast!

It’s been a while since I wanted to organize my knowledge and what I’ve experimented during all these years of working with polymer clay.

And I managed to put together a mini-course that is delivered over email during 11 days centered around how to use polymer clay to make tools for your work with clay and also on how to use molds to add a 3D look to your beautiful polymer clay pieces.

I see molds like a starting point. You make the mold of an embossed texture that you like and then you can turn it into a stamp (that’s unique, no one will have that same stamp because you’ve made it for yourself), or into a texture plate, or a texture roller, or something else.

Personally I love to mold faces of small figurines and then tweak them a little bit and use them in my designs. I can tell you that I can use the same face mold and tweak the molded design and end up with an endless number of face polymer clay pieces that do not look alike at all. And you can do this as well. Just think of all the possibilities of using such tweaked molded faces to embellish your clay pieces!

I dedicated the last lessons of the course to silicone molds. I love using silicone molds and there are endless possibilities for using silicone molds in your work to add even more interest to your pieces. I’ll show you some possibilities to get your creative juices flowing!

I can’t wait to see you inside the class! Click to enroll on www.LearnPolymerClay.com

Happy claying!