My son’s work with polymer clay

Hello dear friends!

How are you today?

Today is a special day for me. A day in which I feel blessed in multiple ways. For having a beautiful family, for doing work I love, for seeing my son deeply interested in creating with polymer clay (a passion of mine that spread in unexpected ways) and for having a smile on my face when admiring the two Steampunk candle holders that my 11-year old son decorated with polymer clay and gave me as a present.

In fact these candle holders were Martini glasses that he decorated with a Steampunk octopus tentacle. But then I loved them so much that I suggested that I’d prefer to use them as candle holders. And my son loved the idea. But not my husband. Who really wanted to enjoy a Martini in the Steampunk decorated glasses….. So I intend to buy more Martini glasses and ask my son to decorate those too and use them to enjoy a Martini with my husband.

Back to my son’s clay videos. When he said he wanted to make clay videos and have his own Youtube channel I was a little bit reluctant. I thought he’s only 11, he does not have time for this. But he insisted. And I had to be a cheerleader for him. Because he grew up in my studio and has always been a cheerleader for me. Admiring my work. Even the pieces that I considered “not my best work”.

So, I finally agreed with him having his Youtube channel and making Steampunk-inspired clay videos. Because this is above all an opportunity for growth. He’s learning video editing, he’s improving his skills with polymer clay. He learns to clearly express a process. And, he’ll be better equipped for the future. I think.

Not to mention that he gave these beautiful Steampunk candle holders to me. And they were the most beautiful present. Because he made them. Because I love Steampunk decorations. Because they put a smile on my face.

Why Steampunk you might ask? Well, we’re all Steampunk fans in the family. We even went to a Steampunk festival in Luxembourg when he was little. But he still remembers the event. Because he was impressed by all the people wearing Steampunk clothes and accessories. He loved the ride in a vintage train. He loved the enthusiasm he felt in the air. As a result, he also likes Steampunk.

If you have the time, please check out his channel. He put a lot of work into his videos and I really want him to continue to create and improve his skills.

The hardest lesson to teach him is not to concentrate on metrics. On likes and dislikes. In the beginning he wanted to know how many people watched his videos and everything. But I explained to him that this is not something you can control and that this is not a measure of success. The only thing that matters is his work, his dedication to put out more videos and his growth.

We’ve been living in France for the last 8 years or so and my son is more comfortable with expressing himself in French than in Romanian. So, this would explain why his videos are in French;)

Tell me if you like his Steampunk candle holders.

Have a beautiful and inspired day!




  1. Sunt minunate, Mihaela! Felicitări băiatului tău pentru munca de creație, pentru video și pentru pasiunea cu care lucrează fiecare detaliu. Felicitări ție, pentru susținerea micului artist! Îi doresc și vă doresc mult succes în munca voastră!

    1. Iti multumesc, draga Manuela, pentru mesajul minunat! Trebuie sa recunosc ca e o mare bucurie sa il vad cum invata atatea lucruri noi si ca ma bucura si interesul lui pentru argila polimerica. Iti multumesc pentru mesajul incurajator si iti urez o săptămână frumoasa si spor!

  2. I love the way your son turned the Martini glasses into a Steampunk creation and I can understand why your husband would have want to still use them. Maybe just once, when the next James Bond movie will finally be released? 🙂
    I’m just wondering if the glass be strong enough to withstand the heat of the flame?

    Just visited your son’s YouTube channel and subscribed. Will share on Twitter too 🙂

    Iti multumesc frumos ca mi-ai vizitat blogul.
    Numai bine va doresc tuturor 🙂
    Patricia Furstenberg

    1. Thank you very much, Patricia, for appreciating my son’s Steampunk decorated Martini glasses. I’ll tell him. He’s going to be thrilled:)
      Yes, the glasses can stand the heat of the oven. We cure the polymer clay in a domestic oven that we initially used to cook our meals (we don’t use it anymore for cooking, it’s safer that way).
      Thank you also for subscribing to his channel and for spreading the world. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see him exploring his creative side with polymer clay and I encourage him as much as I can. Not to mention that I get to enjoy the result of his work, that he gratefully gave me every time.
      Thank you also for appreciating my blog articles. I loved your blog articles and I’m very happy to have met you in the beautiful world of blogging.

      Iti multumesc mult pentru mesajul in limba romana. L-am apreciat foarte mult!
      Si eu iti urez o zi minunata si plina de momente frumoase!💖

      1. I know more about polymers right now 🙂

        I know well the feeling of sharing our children’s joy, especially when they’ve accomplished something, and more so when it is the result of their handy work 🙂

        Very happy to have met you too, thank you very much 🙂

        O zi frumoasa iti doresc si tie, Mihaela.

      2. Polymer clay has not a very pretty name (polymer is not a glamorous name), but it really is like a magical clay. You can do anything with it. If they asked me, I would have named it magic clay😊

        O zi minunata, Patricia 💖

      3. In fact there are two ways to approach working with clay: use it to turn an idea into a finished piece or use it to explore possibilities and be open to surprises, pure exploration. Both work very well:)
        O zi minunata iti urez, Patricia !

  3. Hello Mihaela,
    Your son’s creations are beautiful, I love them. His video is also very professional. He has learned a lot, I’m sure, just being in the studio with you! Well done to him.

    1. Hello my dear Carolyn,
      You put a big, happy smile on my face with your beautiful message. Thank you!
      I have to tell you that I was very happy when my son wanted to start creating things with clay and make short videos. I thought it would be a good lesson for him to understand the filming and editing process. Lately, while on vacation, it was more difficult for him to concentrate on working on new videos, but I hope he’ll get back to it in September.
      Thank you again for your beautiful messages.
      I wish you a beautiful day filled with joy!

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