There is always hope – Polymer clay image transfer neck piece

Hello dear friends!

I hope my message finds you well.

For me, it’s been a summer full of events, beautiful ones as well as unexpected ones. But all in all, we’re all healthy and sound. And this is the most important thing. I hope you can say the same too.

I wanted to show you a piece that I’ve made in the first part of the year and that I particularly like.

I like it because it’s a compassionate rebellious piece 😎 Not necessarily my style, but I like to think that I put a little bit of myself in every piece.

The rebel part is the Graffiti image transfer. I used a royalty free image of a Graffiti wall in Prague, Czech Republic.

The compassionate and positive vibes part of it is represented by the reference to John Lennon and the Imagine song and …..Jesus ❤ U written in the upper part of the large clay beads. There’s no religious connotation in the Jesus loves you message, only a pure message of love.

I also used gold color metal wire that I largely and loosely wrapped around a black plastic base that I previously wrapped with black embroidery floss.

I used white clay for the base. White clay is perfect for image transfer. I used black clay to make a frame around the transferred image.

And here’s the back of the piece.

Tell me what you think of my rebellious clay art neck piece😊

Have a beautiful and inspired day!



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