Flower Stud earrings [polymer clay tutorial]

Hello dear friends and clay lovers!

I wanted to inspire you to make a pair of beautiful floral stud earrings.

For this, I’m using a beautiful flower silicone mold from http://www.Beebeecraft.com – this mold works great with resin, with clay as well, and I think it would be amazing for decorating larger items like notebooks, canvases, vases, etc.

Do you like stud earrings? I personally love them. But I’ve noticed I don’t create such earrings very often so I decided to change that.

Here’s the material list for the tools and materials that I used:

– Cernit Pearl White Polymer Clay

– pink ink pad

– teal ink pad and an applicator

– Beebeecraft Flower silicone mold https://www.beebeecraft.com/p-sunnyclue-diy-epoxy-resin-craft-kits-including-flower-silicone-molds-34270.html?cartproductId=34270

– stamp

– metal leaf

– Triple Tick Glossy glaze and a brush

– Pasta machine, oven, roller, dotting tool

– craft knife, smoothing tools

– Screw eye pins

– Stud earring findings

– Aluminum disposable baking pan

I hope you’ll take this idea and use it in your work with clay!

Happy claying!




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