Inspired by Mirror Reflections (1)


I’m back. Back from a wonderful vacation. I’ve been in Romania to attend one wedding, to be Godmother in another wedding and in-between I have spent all the time I had left with my family and with some of my friends. Even thought there were so many friends that I would have wanted to see, it was not possible to do more than what I did during this short period of time. But I still rejoice from having done all the things I have done, from the moments spent with my family and my friends and from the simple fact that I was visiting my home country. Even though I love so many things about France, Romania is my home country and I hope we will be going back for good one day.

I have prepared this tutorial before leaving for Romania thinking I would have time to post it during the night. Even though I did not post it sooner, I can tell you that a wonderful friend of mine is now wearing these earrings and this pendant so I am happy that I have made her happy!

Materials and tools used: green, yellow, gold, violet, red, blue and black polymer clay, a pasta machine, a craft knife, a blade and varnish. (I want to specify that this is a variation of the Natasha Technique).

I have conditioned several colors of polymer clay. I rolled each color into a log.


I have rolled a thin sheet of black polymer clay and put a log on it.


I have rolled the log on the black polymer clay sheet and then cut near the margin, then rolled the resulting log in my hand (to join the edges of the black polymer clay sheet).


I did the same for all the colors and in the end I got 6 logs (black on the outside, colored inside).

I have put them together in a bundle and then press them together.



Then I twisted it several times.


And compressed the log.


I flattened it with the roller.



I cut the piece in half and turned the two parts upward.


I aligned the two parts as neatly as possible.

I pressed them together.


As the width was too large, I cut again the piece, from top to bottom.

If the width allows it, you can cut the piece several times. I did this and I had this pattern.


I kept the upper part for the pendant and from the bottom, I cut thin slices that I applied on a thicker sheet of black polymer clay (flattening everything with the roller).


I cut the earring shapes with the flexible blade and then I started to imprint a pattern on the black polymer clay.


I have made the holes for the earring findings and then baked the earrings on some silicon molds to have a curved shape.

I have varnished them.

Have a wonderful evening!


Inspired by Mirror



  1. You’ve inherited, the know how of this kind of combination between these colours and the black, that had used the masters of the windows of Gothic architecture. Or better and ecologist: without ribs of lead. Congrats Mihaela!

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words! In fact I was trying to experiment more and let go of control. I did not expect this result, but it seems that it was a good idea to wrap the logs in black clay. I anticipated the contrast, but the final look was even better than what I hoped for. I love stained glass windows and I thought of them too when I put everything together. Thank you again for everything!

    1. Thank you very much for mentioning me in your comment! I am so happy that you found my tutorial useful. I loved your dragon and your wing cane! Excellent work! Best wishes! Mihaela

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