Boho or not?

Inspired by Boho


I was very eager to show you these pieces of which I am very proud. I’m not always happy with the result of my work, but this time I surely am. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was away for 10 days and that I didn’t have any polymer clay or colorful beads around me (and I missed them…). I have been Godmother for the second time in my life (this time for the Christening of a lovely baby boy) and I was very proud that our friends have chosen me and my husband to be part of their spiritual family. It was an honor. Furthermore this happened in England and even though I’ve already visited London and other parts of UK, this is my first encounter with the English countryside. And…it was love at first sight.

Furthermore I got to strike out an item from my bucket list: I have always wanted to see Stonehenge with my own eyes and I finally did it. 

I think that my choice for a Bohemian inspired piece of jewelry has to do with my Bohemian heart (I would love to live in different countries, to discover other cultures, places, people – I’d move to England on the spot, to be closer to our friends and to begin another journey – for me, every time that I travel or that I settle in a new place, is like entering a candy shop – everything is new and interesting and full of colors). 

The interest in this tutorial goes beyond the materials and tools that I use in the sense that I want to incite you to look with different eyes at all the broken brooches or flee market broken jewelry pieces that have interesting patterns and that can be used for molding and thus as a starting point for a new piece of jewelry. 

I am using two old brooches (that I never wear and that I saved for polymer clay moulding purposes), metallic copper polymer clay, blue polymer clay, light pink polymer clay, mica powders, cutters, a round ball tool, a pasta machine, a pan coaster, Oyumaru moulding compound, micro-billes, a Lisa Pavelka’s texture plate, a silver -plated bracelet blank (frame) and copper findings. 

I use Oyumaru because when you don’t need a mould anymore, you put it in hot water and you can reuse the Uyumaru compound to make other moulds (in a word it is reusable).

I will present to you the way in which I have made the pendant and the space beads attached to the chain. 

I prepared the metallic copper polymer clay. 

I made the mould using Oyumaru (Oyumaru is a reusable putty, which is softened by heat (put it in a mug of hot water). Once shaped it cools and hardens in just minutes into a hard, slightly rubbery, plastic. It does not stick to Art Clay, PMC, polymer clay, Green Stuff, Kneadatite, Epoxy Putty, Stick Putty and other common sculpting putties

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I put the polymer clay into the mould and pressed slightly on the mould to get the pattern on the clay.


I used a round cutter to cut my center piece.


Now the playful part: I started to add mica powders. 



IMG_3285 (2)

Then I used the second brooch to make a pattern into clay (I just pressed it into clay).


I sandwiched the clay between the pan coaster (to get a pattern for the back of the bead) and the brooch (to imprint the pattern of the front of the bead).


I used a wavy cookie cutter to cut the shape of the focal bead.


I added some liquid Polymer clay over the center of the larger piece and then put the smaller piece on top of it. 


I colored the margins of the focal.


I removed some of the excess powder using baby wipes, thus bringing up the initial metallic copper look of the polymer clay. 


I poured some liquid Fimo in the places where I wanted to add the micro-billes. 


IMG_3295 (2)


I doodled a little bit on the sides and then added some blue mica powder.


I made a hole to be able to attach it later to a chain.

Then I made the two spacer beads.


I used the tear-shaped cutter to cut two pieces. I imprinted a pattern on the back of the bead using the pan coaster.


I used a Lisa Pavelka’s texture sheet to get the Paisley look. 


I played a little with the pattern and then added mica powders.



And micro-billes



I made holes up and down to attach the beads to the chain (after baking them).

The bracelet is a slightly variation of the same techniques (I imprinted the pattern into polymer clay from the two brooches, put the pieces one on top of the other in the same way – using some Liquid Fimo – and added a rhinestone in the middle, mica powders and small polymer clay balls – blue and pink that I rolled with my hand). I have used a bracelet blank and pushed a little bit the piece into the blank (I did not use Liquid Clay, but it’s not a bad idea to do so). I have made two more pieces (like the center piece from the necklace, except I pushed the brooch into clay) and added a rhinestone in the center of each piece. I put the two pieces next to the focal piece (on each side), underneath the focal. I made two tear-shape beads (like the one from the spacer beads) and colored them with mica powders (I used a different Paisley design from the same Lisa Pavelka’s texture plate). I put them on the side, underneath the previous round pieces. I pressed them slightly into the bracelet frame (again you can use some Liquid Fimo to make sure they will stick together).

You can take a closer look at the bracelet:

Inspired by BOHO

Then I baked everything. 

Well, it looks more difficult than it really is. You can say that about working with polymer clay:)

Thank you for reading me!


P.S. When I was in front of the Stonehenge monument I realized that dreams do come true (in high school I used to spend a lot of time studying in the Alliance Francaise and when I wanted to take a break, I would browse through an album with the Stonehenge stones – that I loved – and ask myself if I would ever stand in front of it)… 

Inspired by



    1. Thank you, Cindy! I am very happy that you appreciate my work (I love yours) and I’d add that I was very proud to be a Godmother! I love your watercolor artworks! Have a wonderful and creative day! Mihaela

    1. Thank you so much, Irene! I try to share my passion for polymer clay and in fact my passion for beauty (be it in jewelry, art, nature). You are a wonderful artist and person! My best to you! Mihaela

    1. Thank you so much, Deb! I look at your woodturning pieces and I am amazed by the intrinsec beauty and the wonderful colors of your “Tree of Life” piece of art. I love both your wood work and your paintings, but I must tell you that I would stare for hours to your “Tree of Life” vase and never get enough of admiring it! Thank you for appreciating my work! I really think that working with polymer clay looks more complicated than it really is:) Best wishes! Mihaela

      1. I’m speechless, thank you Mihaela.(and it’s not often someone can leave me speechless)!

        You say polymer clay looks more complicated than it is, but that’s only because you have mastered your art. In any case, keep creating those masterpieces!

      1. Hello dear, I was waiting you. I see you like the topic about saints and at this moment they are concentrating, oh are we arriving to heaven? (I’m sorry, Mihaela I’m kidding maybe for my joy to meet us again). Thanks for your comment. I really am grateful to your loyalty. 😉

      2. Hello! I have been away for nearly two weeks (I have been visiting some friends in England and I loved every moment of this wonderful vacation). I like Saints like Saint Anthony of Padua (my son is named after him) because he protects children and also because I really think he helps any person that prays to him, Saint St. Francis of Assisi (because even though he was born in a rich family and had a rather sinful life until one point in his life, God chose him to spread His word). Yet I am more into a different type of saints – I saw recently a movie with Bill Murray called St. Vincent that really impressed me a lot. It is about a person that would never be considered a saint by our standards, but who has the heart, the humanity and the compassion of a saint. Best wishes! Mihaela

      3. Mihaela Good morning, I’m glad you had a happy holiday in England. Yeah, right, I remember that you have a son named Antonio and even wanted to go to Padova in Italy. Of all whom you name, I have more sympathy to St. Francis of Assisi, also for what people said about him with animals. ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’ is a film about Francis of Assisi directed by Franco Zeffirelli that if you have not seen you might like it. About St Vincent and what you tell me, in my opinion it is so good breaking with the standards on personal beliefs and so it should be, but unfortunately almost always religious power and hierarchy, ends absorbing everything. Fantasy and imagery surrounding the saints, was infused me by my grandmother, during my childhood, when I was three or four years old, I walked around the inside of a church, as she placed candles and explains what she knows about them. Though my grandfather never entered in a church. But the Art history is full of motif about saints, because the church paid them, because the religious matter, obliges to the artist himself, to develope a different expression about fantasy and imagery on paper or canvas. After a lot of years, one of my sisters became a missionarie. You have evoked her, because as a nun always speaks with the expression ‘God chooses”. Some years ago, I considered myself an agnostic before, but now I think I’m an atheist openly. A lot of thanks for your recommendation on cinema, for your sincere comments, and for this ‘mini-charter’. I think that next time I should give you my email address, because the affinity for the style ‘boho’ unites us, a hug. (Enric)

      4. I am sorry for replying so late. I have been working during these lasts days on a bracelet for a monthly contest and I had a lot of struggle with it. But I finally managed to finish it. I had to concentrate fully on this project, because I had to post it before the end of the month (before 27th if possible).
        When I came to France, I noticed that the churches were empty. In Romania they are full of people. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but where I come from religion is very important in our lives and it is for me too. I like going to the church and lighting candles (I also taught my son to do so) and I like to consider that I am protected (by God, by a Higher Force, by the Spirit of the Universe, by Love).
        Thank you for your suggestion for the Zeffirelli’s movie, I will try to see it. I respect the fact that you are an atheist (my best friend at the university was an atheist and we were very good friends). It is always a pleasure to talk to you! All my best wishes! Mihaela

      5. Hello Mihaela, for me is always a good news, to receive a message from you and I do not care if this arrives sooner or later, but I respect that of you want to apologize, but for me it is no necessary. I admire you for being so consistent and persistent with your art Did you know that Picasso said ‘if they come muses of inspiration they must find me meantime I’m working’? About the other matter, my opinion is that in some Eastern European countries, after becoming western systems, have realised that the hope for a better system has not been true. In some ways better, but in others aspects worse. I think religion has always been and will be a haven for those problems and it is true that there are many desperate people, some for economic issues, the others for sentimental issues, and others for both. Of these three possibilities, long time ago I suffered the first situation, just now I’m having the second and I’m afraid someday I can suffer the third. So if someday I suffer these it would be very easy to think I can go to the shelter of a religion. Really the history of humanity speaks of this. I never have been in Romania, I don’t know it, but I know France and I like this country and the history of its people. As it turns we are neighbours because I live in Barcelona. I agree with you regarding friendships. Many of the best I’ve had, have thought very differently about my ideas. Maybe it’s something referred to that opposites attract. I do not know. The only thing is that I like talk to you.

      6. I live in the North of France and I also love French culture and history. I have been working ten years as a French (and English) translator because at one time in my life I fell in love with the French language and I spent 4 years to learn it (day in and day out). The interesting part is that it was because of my love of the French language that we lived shortly in Belgium and then in France, yet in the meantime I discovered that I wanted to change my direction from languages to art (jewelry). Me and my husband went on a road trip in 2007 from Romania to the south of Spain and I must say that I loved the Spanish part of the journey (San Sebastian, Alhambra, Malaga – were some of the places that touched my heart). I like talking to you too ( I am an introvert and I would prefer to run away than answer to questions, but by speaking with you and also by replying to comments in general, I learn how to open up and share my thoughts). Thank you! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      7. Oh that adventure so much fun! a long road trip. To me I have always liked alternative roads, although they elongate, make a travel deeper. But Spain is very beautiful but very contrasted. In my opinion about all Spanish cities I know San Sebastián is the most beautiful and elegant. Just one year ago we were there with my wife and son. Today there seems to be an eternity since 2014, we are living an ending family breakdown. Perhaps I also may be introverted or even autistic, but I like to talk when I meet someone I like. This is a incoherence don’t you? Thank you! Have a nice day! (Oh I remember I live two years in Seclin. North Dpt).

      8. I am very sorry to read about your family breakdown. I understood something from what you said about the three reasons that people find refuge in churches (low income, a sentimental reason or both and you said something about sentimental issues, but I did not dare to ask more. It was something so personal… I cannot find the words to tell you how touched I am that you open yourself to me and tell me so much about your personal life. I am a romantic at heart and therefore I wish you and your wife could find a way to be together and be happy together. I think there are difficult moments in any marriage (we had ours), but the important thing is to see beyond or to see back (to remember the first moments passed together with no expectations, but enjoying the moment and maybe you if try to talk with your wife, to understand her and to make her understand your point of view – sometimes we are so caught up in our head that you don’t hear the other person’s words). If something cannot be repaired, then I prefer thinking that there is a reason for this happening, that this is a lesson I had to learn and try to trust the Universe (that I call God) for knowing better (and when I look back, it did know better). I really hope that you will find your answers and trust the Universe even for the things that you do not understand in that moment). To finish with some happier words, I would say that I loved San Sebastian and that I consider it to be a special place on Earth (I will add on my Bucket List to return there one day for a short visit). Please trust the Universe and try to see things from outside yourself and don’t let this situation break you down and consider it is only a lesson in your life. Like any other person, I had also some bad or terribly bad moments in my life (one of them being my first marriage that ended in a terrible divorce, but that’s why I appreciate even more my husband and everything we do together), yet I choose to look at the bright side of life and to inspire other people to do so. Wishing you the best (choices in life)! Mihaela

      9. Hello Mihaela, first of all thank the time you have dedicated to write. I realised your sense of solidarity, understanding and receptivity, and perhaps for this reason I sensed that I could open towards you. Now I’m in debt with you. Our trouble is so sad because a life from the 14 years old one and 18 the other, is a long time, but it is a long story and we know that the words relive the experiences, for that I prefer don’t begin to writing an infinite story, also I don’t have fine control in english. Your recommendations are wise and good, it is true that sometimes we are caught up in ourselves, but we have lost many attempts. You’re lucky to have your God. Maybe I have to resign myself to not hurt me more. I like your sense of taking the facts as a lesson that I could to learn, as you say, but I do not believe in religion, I am humble and respectful towards the Nature and the Universe as a simple native.
        Oh S. S. (also called the beautiful Easo) is a wonderful city. Last summer we visited with our son twenty years old. With something we agreed all three! But a year is an eternity. Thanks again, my dear and generous Artist! I wish you all the inspiration for your works. ❤

      10. As I said I would really hope that you two would find a way to see things from a different angle, a better angle. There must be a lot of beautiful moments that you enjoyed during all these years. When we are upset, we only remember the bad parts, while the good parts are somehow forgotten (when in fact there are the good parts that count). Yet, if it is not possible to continue walking on the same path, I wish to you the things I would wish to any dear friend: take care of yourself and try to have faith in the future (a future that one day will no more be made of sadness) and be strong! Even though you do not believe in God (which I respect), don’t you see that there is a masterplan in the Universe (when looking back, don’t you see things that happened that now have sense, even if they did not have sense in that moment in time). Thank you for your trust! Thank you also for wishing me inspiration because I really need it (I am stuck on a project and the deadline is very near, so I really needed to be encouraged like that). My best to you! Mihaela

      11. Hi Mihaela, I’m sure you’re a so valued person everywhere you go. I think that in these matters what it hurts is that the current time has more weight than the happy moments. You’re right, but humans sometimes we are this way. I understand what you say about a masterplan, but I can’t see it. I only realise that I’m a husband and father frustrating. A year ago I suffer a case of bullying in my work, and I decided to sing in a chorus. Today my autoesteem is on the floor, I unique thing I have to distract my mind is the blog , and the only thing of mine I like is the voice when I’m singing. I think with this I will survive. Oh Mihaela, don’t worry and concentrate your mind in your next work. You will get success because you have something special, but you need no distractions. See you soon. (Persons like you are a real discovery). Hugs!

      12. I really think that this is only a step in your life. Have patience! Things will work out in the end. They always do (we forget our sorrow, time is a healer). I think it is a very beautiful thing to sing in a chorus. And you are doing a great job with your blog (sharing your passion for art with all those that love art and speaking with people from all over the world, encouraging them, making them smile in front of their computer and feeling that we are all the same. For me, I must tell you that my family was disappointed when I decided to make jewelry and they are still secretly hoping that I might change my mind and work as an interpreter or as a translator. In my family, being an artist is the worst choice (they’re not into art and they consider artists as head in the clouds, alcohol drinkers and penniless – and I’m not any of these things). Even my husband that loves me so much (and let me buy an entire “warehouse” of beads and beading materials) secretly hopes that I will come to my senses and decide to work as a nice interpreter in a nice booth. And he is open about not liking my jewelry (2-3 things maybe), and I still ask him every time I finish a piece what is his opinion and he is still sincere and truthful telling me that he appreciates the fact that I work a lot on a design, but….In the beginning I cried a lot, thinking that from all the people in the world, how come he doesn’t understand me, then I realized that he loves and understands me as a person but we simply don’t have the same taste in jewelry (which in fact we never did, I always liked statement pieces and he preferred tiny, delicate pieces of jewelry). This is to tell you that I would have all the justifications in the world to quit doing what I do, but I cannot accept excuses because I know that I would be unhappy and because I am so happy while doing a piece of jewelry that it’s worth fighting this fight. I’m not writing this to complain about my husband, I just wanted to tell you that a little shift in my mentality changed my reality (I smile when he is embarrassed to tell me that this piece of jewelry is not his favorite, but I appreciate his sincerity and I feel that he loves me for my essence – and he loved me when I felt down after my divorce and when I considered that all my life was ruined). Do you think you could find a better point to look at the things that hurt you (to change your perspective and maybe to manage at the right time to find peace inside of you and understanding for the others (that may be as hurt as you are, as misunderstood as you are). Wishing you the best (peace of mind and understanding) Mihaela

      13. I’m sorry again for my delay. I’m able to talk and distract me with another matters. Today I have overcome the 400 followers and now I always have someone to chat. But about the issue of my situation I’m not ready to tell a lot of things. I have no excuse, the only helpful thing is that I’m on holidays for a month, something that not happened in my life from a lot of years ago, and at less I don’t have the diary battle of my kind of job. I like your expression ‘head in the clouds’. You’re a so balanced mind and know perfectly what you want. The benefit of your election towards art is not only for you is also for your personal environment. That’s because if you would be deprived of this, then the sadness could be bad for you and for your family. This thought has zero per cent about selfishness. This email account: is the main that I use, I propose this when we talk about no art matters. I’m always repressing myself when I write about so private issues. Excuse me dear friend now I would like to entertain me and park this situation. Infinite thanks from my poor heart. Have a nice day!

      14. Congratulations for your more than 400 followers! Your blog posts are wonderful! It takes time and a lot of dedication to sort out sketches the way you do (using a center theme). I am always surprised to see Matisse sketches or Picasso sketches that are very different from the works I know made by them (yet I am only an art lover, I don’t have any prior formation in arts). I wish you a holiday in which to spend time with yourself and center yourself and why not let life surprise you with goods things! I don’t know if I know perfectly what I what, but I can tell you that I am following my heart (in fact I tried many things in order to discover what is the perfect medium for me, I tried Powertex -I think it’s also called Paverpol -, decoupage, textile painting, stringing and bead embroidery – and I learned things that somehow help me – but when looking from outside it could seem that there is no guideline). Thank you for giving me your personal e-mail, I understand your need for privacy for your feelings. I wish you a nice day too (from the heart – try to step outside your head and your inner chatter and look more around you – you are an art lover, you should have eyes for the beauty around you. Don’t close your eyes to it!) Mihaela

      15. Bonjour Mihaela! Is so kind surprise to find your words in the morning. I’m so grateful for your support, and I don’t know how do you do to know perfectly what happens with my feelings. You have a great intuition and would be a good coach or a good guide about how to help oneself. I’m sorry but some stuffs about you are talking I don’t know these. But I think with your abilities you could be an excellent sculptor. Of the university, I remember some method of sculpture teachers and what are you often making, is not different but only the measurements and the scale. I imagine your last bracelet about seashells standing in a garden of a park, and some child passing through its circle. How tall it would be its diameter? I don’t know but with 1,5 meter the most people would touch its red brown shells. It could be stand but with not whole verticality, maybe some inclination would be suitable. Oh Miha, I’m dreaming with this. And I don’t remember what must I reply. I think a great path in art, is waiting for you. The good architects during the art nouveau age and deco were learning from the shapes of plants and nature. This can be the way. You work with the main sense of touching the materials but as reference you would to see a lot of works of these styles. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Gaudi, are only two examples and some illustrations of Joris Hoefnagel can adding to your yet rich imagination. We continue talking. Thanks for your best wishes and comments. Have a nice day. I don’t know what more could you say today. Hugs

      16. Bonjour to you too! I am replying so late because I could not get near the computer during the week-end. On week-ends my son wants undivided attention:) We even went to his first movie at the cinema, but it seems that my choice for the Le petit prince was not the best choice. Or maybe he is only 5… He’ll have plenty of time in the future to appreciate the cinema. I never thought of sculpting, you really amazed me with you idea. Yet it would be too scary for me, I think that making jewelry is better for me. Thank you for thinking of this. For the Art Nouveau, you’ve seen right. I love Art Nouveau :I love Alfonse Mucha – both the illustrations and the jewelry collaboration with Georges Fouquet), I love Émile Gallé and I am fascinated by the Sagrada Familia. I love the round shapes of Art Nouveau style and their inspiration found in nature. I did not know Joris Hoefnagel, but I searched for his work and you are right, I love his style. I have just discovered Mackmurdo and yes, it’s great inspiration.
        Thank you for thinking I could be a sculptor, I have never thought of that.
        Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs, Mihaela

      17. Bonjour Miha, do not worry about the delay with the messages, I think it happens to us all the same. I hardly remember my son at that age, but what makes your child and what is your answer is within the predictable. The comment about the sculpture is to recognize that your work is as valuable as if the scale is changed. I see that you have very good references. Mucha’s works are very beautiful. But don’t neglect to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Gaudi. I’m sure you will know learn a lot from them. I also want to tell you that if you ever need to retouch images to your blog, I can help. Years ago I worked in company catalogs. A big hug and thank you very much for all your words.

      18. Thank you for considering my work valuable and for being willing to help me. You are really a very good person! I am very lucky to have met you and to have someone to talk to and someone to ask an advice to. I will study the references that you recommended me! Thank you again for everything! I wish you a wonderful day! Mihaela

      19. Life sometimes makes justice, and If I were a very good person, maybe I had different personal situation, then I would be glad. But now I’m collecting all the mistakes and the fruit of my bad mood, but I always have been enjoying explaining something to someone that don’t know it.
        About you, since the first moment I saw your works I believed you already have something that no one could to learn in the school. You’re thirsty of creative and innovative results and you have achieved it. In the future if you keep loyal to the first spark, that means loyal to yourself, then you will make so great works. Yours is the future. I’m so grateful for your generous words, and for the private time you spend on these messages. Best wishes from heart!

      20. I don’t think that you’re not a good person. We all make mistakes. I often say that if we weren’t supposed to make mistakes, we would have been angels. You are free in any moment to decide to do good things and to be more open to the world and to other people. Don’t think that life is punishing you for mistakes from the past! I really don’t think this is the case. I think that this is a lesson and there is something that you have to learn. I think you are a good person and that you will get very well through this phase in your life. We all have ups and downs (oh, yes, I would need a lifetime to tell you about my ups and downs), but depiste all this, I choose to look at the bright side and to be confident. I hope to be able to create from the heart and to have the same willingness to risk my confort for an idea that I love. Thank you for taking the time and composing these wonderful messages to me. Hugs! Mihaela

      1. Thank you so much, Karen, I am very touched by your words (I am really amazed by your exquisite polymer clay pieces). I saw that you had the Pinterest button on your site and I pinned your work into my Pinterest Polymer clay dedicated Board and I can tell you that so many people liked and pinned your work (I mentioned properly that it is your work and there was also the link to your blog) so my “coups de coeur” (favorites) had the impact I anticipated it would. Thank you again for appreciating my tutorials! Best wishes! Mihaela

  1. I am glad you liked my city when you traveled here 🙂 I live in Malaga in the south of Spain. Thank you for the tutorials, I am just starting with polymer clay and I am learning so much from the people who blog about this material. I am setting up my own blog for my little creations, hope you visit in a month or so when I have it up and running full with things done thanks to you and other bloggers.

    1. I am very happy that you like my tutorials. I have learned my basics because there were so many wonderful artists that shared their insights and their techniques. They inspired me a lot. In the beginning I would prefer to work one week on a bead embroidered piece than work on a piece of polymer clay. All seemed so complicated, but when you start to love it, it is no longer complicated and it opens the door to endless possibilities. Good luck with your blog! Just let me know when to come by! I can’t wait to visit it and admire your work! My best to you! Mihaela

      1. likewise Mihaela, so glad to find your blog and loved your jewelry tutorials- I shall surely give it a try and will share the pictures, hope they turn out well🤔

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