Variation of the Hidden Magic technique with Silver Leaf [Polymer Clay Tutorial]

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast!

I hope you’re well, staying safe and positive.

I prepared a new tutorial for you, to keep you inspired and eager to create and to put your focus on what you can still do, which is to create, to meditate and to think about the things which are really important for you.

This project is great for scrap clay. You can use scrap clay mixed in one solid color for the frame of the bead and use this same color or a combination of your favorite colors for the front of the bead (provided they go well with the color of the base).

This is a variation of the Hidden Magic technique and it’s up to you if you decide to remove all the textured clay or go for a more distressed look (like I did) by removing only parts of the textured clay. You can use this technique to make beautiful beads (you’ll find 3 ideas in the video to get you started) or to revamp your tools. Which is something I always wanted to do, but never had the time.

Here’s the list of the materials that I used:

– scrap clay (I used a mix of light blue, dark blue and bright red)

– bright blue polymer clay

– bright red polymer clay

– liquid clay – silver metal leaf

-Lisa Pavelka’s Ethnic borders texture stamp/plate

– dotting tool, blades, craft knife, sculpting tools

– varnish and a paintbrush – a roller and/or a pasta machine

– oven and an oven thermometer

As always, I hope that you’re inspired to create more using clay!

Happy claying and stay safe! Mihaela

P.S. I invite you to sign up to my free mini course on 11 Ways to make and use molds with Polymer Clay and you’ll be inspired to use clay to make your own tools and 3D elements for your clay pieces. Go to my site to learn more and register for my free course!

I am also a Teacher in the PCA 2020 and I highly recommend you to join us in this year round clay virtual art retreat, which is an amazing learning experience and the place to meet like-minded people. My project is called Spice up your clay using resin. Here’s a link to learn more about it: Take good care of yourself!



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