I succumbed to the beauty of Steampunk and I say it loud and clear. How can anyone be immune to such beauty? I call Steampunk my romantic dark side. As it is difficult to talk about Steampunk in a few lines, I will write a post entirely about it. So refer to my post about Steampunk to read more on the subject. It is surely fascinating.

So this is a box that I created to express my love for Steampunk.

I consider that putting together a red and black rose, a key, some clock parts and some vintage images of women is my personal expression of Steampunk.

Would you like a box like this?



    1. I love Steampunk too and I wanted to make a Steampunk necklace (but never had the time), so I thought that starting with a jewelry box is not a bad idea. Still hoping I will try my hand at a piece of jewelry (Steampunk inspired) in the future:)

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