Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu @ Beads Academy

Autumn leaves

Free Polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu @ Beads Academy / Inspired by Autumn Leaves / Playing with pastel chalks, alcohols inks and crystal beads


With all the leaves I see around me and  adding also those that my son is painting or gluing on colored papers, I finally fallen under their charm. This inspiration went well with the month’s Artbeadscene challenge, which is the following:

Autumn Flowers

Autumn flowers
by Marguerite Zorach
Colored Silkscreen, 16.5″ x 12.5″
Materials and tools used:
Gold color metal frame
Vanilla Fimo Effect Polymer clay
A pasta machine
a rigid blade
a craft knife
a polymer clay arrow end sharp tool
pastel chalks
alcohol inks
liquid Fimo
Fimo golden metallic powder
Leaf-shaped cutters
Gold metallic acrylic paint
ball end findings
earrings findings
red crystal rondelle beads
1. I conditioned the clay (with my hands and then by rolling it into the pasta machine).
2. I rolled a medium thickness sheet of polymer clay. I started to cut out leaves using the leaf-shaped cutter.
IMG_4110 (2)
3. I textured the leaves (using a sharp end tool, but you can use also the back of a craft knife).
I made a vein-like pattern.
Then I draw vertical curved lines.
I enhanced the veins.
Then I passed my finger over the design to clean up the excess little bit of clay.

4. I prepared the pastel chalks (shaving them with the rigid blade).


I started to color the leaves.


Using liquid Fimo, I placed them (superposing each other) on top of the bracelet frame. I decided I wanted to have only one side covered with leaves because I liked the pattern on the bracelet also.



I used the other side of the bracelet to cut the interior part of the bracelet ( I colored with chalks a sheet of polymer clay, applied it on the uncovered part of the bracelet and I cut with the craft knife along the sides of the bracelet). I removed it and applied it on the back of the covered side and I pressed well to bond the three pieces part together: the leaves  (with liquid Fimo on them), the gold frame and the inside colored layer.




I textured a little bit the interior part.

IMG_4126 (2)



5. I baked it according to the polymer clay manufacturer’s specifications).

6. Time to add some more color. I started to add yellow and red alcohol inks.

IMG_4131 (2)

7. I applied a layer of gold acrylic paint and then wiped it off with baby wipes.


I added a little bit of brown (I mixed brown chalk pastel with Fimo varnish).


8. I started to add more glitter. I painted the sides of the leaves and the sides of the bracelet with a mixture of Fimo gold metallic powder and Fimo varnish.

IMG_4137 (2)

9. I applied varnish.

10. I decided to embellish it and thus to attach two red crystal rondelle beads in the front of the bracelet.

Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu @ Beads Academy


For the earrings. 

I used leaves made with the same technique. I folded a little bit the leaf and attached three leaves to each other (like an origami Chinese lantern).




I colored them with pastel chalks.


I put them in the oven.

I added more color with alcohol inks.

I covered the bead with gold acrylic paint and then wiped it out.



I painted the margins with Fimo gold metallic powder mixed with Fimo varnish and then I added the earrings findings (and a golden metallic bead).


I varnished them.

That’s all! I wish you a wonderful and creative day!

My best to you!

MihaelaFree polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu @ Beads Academy











    1. I love “drawing” lines on polymer clay… and also the coloring part (and this time I used almost all of my coloring resources: chalk pastels, alcohol inks, metallic acrylic paint). Best regards! Mihaela

  1. Hi dear, as always I said, you have an special and privileged ability not only with shapes. You’re able to capture the colour harmony of the most exquisite works or even to be greater. But I’m not discovering nothing that I didn’t knew before. Congrats again!

    1. Thank you, dear friend! You are amazing and very kind as always! I can only say that I am very grateful that you appreciate my creative ideas. I received from you the best encouragement I could receive, so thank you! My best to you! Mihaela

      1. We are very different but I would like don’t lose the steps of your life as an artist. Though sometimes when you write me, I can’t have time or the zest to reply. Today is an inusual day because I’m at home waiting a call for a new job, and I have these two conditions. Thanks and hugs.

      2. I’m at home too because Anton caught a cold and he is taking medication. Nothing serious, but he needed to stay at home and take medication to get better. Finger crossed for your new job! Hugs! Mihaela

      3. Oh I remind that Anton is your son, since the day you commented that wanted to go to Padova in Italy.
        I wish he will feel better soon. Thanks for the crossed fingers, I’m sure you will bring me luck. Lol !!! Sometimes I think you’re a Madonna, but the others I think you really are my little sister. See you soon.

      1. Thank you so much Mihaela for visiting my blog, and also sharing the link! It is lovely to meet you. With blessing! Maiko

      2. I am very happy to have met you too. I share the same values (love, kindness, and compassion) as you do so I really loved reading your blog posts! Best wishes! Mihaela

      1. I am happy to hear that you like it! and yes I like the Tranquillity part too…always look around and get inspiration from everything and everywhere! 😉 ❤

  2. Such a fine and delicate creation! It must be very time consuming, but it looks genuinely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Inese for your wonderful comment! I think it looks more time consuming than it really is. And it is also a creative and relaxing process. Have a wonderful week-end! Mihaela

  3. Buna Mihaela !
    Dupa NUME si PRENUME esti ROMANCA, nu-i asa ? 🙂
    Imi place sa cred ca inca nu ai uitat limba noastra, romaneasca ! 🙂

    Auditie placuta ! 🙂
    Cu respect,

    1. Buna Aliosa, sunt si romanca si o persoana care iubeste mult Romania. Desi locuiesc in Franta (pentru ca am un suflet nomad si imi place sa descopar si alte culturi si sa cunosc oameni din lumea intreaga), nu am uitat ca sunt romanca si este o mostenire pe care i-o transmit si baiatului meu care vorbeste si romana si franceza si stie ca e roman. Multumesc pentru recomandarea muzicala si pentru vizita pe blog! Iti urez numai bine! Mihaela / Dear Aliosa, not only I am Romanian, but I love Romania very much! Even though I live in France (because I have a restless Bohemian soul and because I love discovering other cultures and meeting people from all over the world), I have never forgotten that I am Romanian and I am passing this heritage to my son that speaks Romanian and French and knows that he is Romanian. Thank you for the Romanian song that you recommended me and for visiting my blog! Best wishes! Mihaela

  4. Magnifique ! Very beautiful dear Mihaela like all your jewels. There is s long time I did not visit blogs and a long time too I did not put any thing in my own blog. Perhaps I will do it soon. Many thanks for your visit on my blog. Friendly. Lise.

    1. Thank you very much, Lise! Thank you also for visiting my blog! Wishing you lots of inspiration and I hope you’ll find the time to share your beautiful art works on your blog! My best to you! Mihaela

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